Who and what are we actually?

What and who are we actually?

We think we know who and what we are.When we look about us, at our fellow humans and the world and universe around us, we see seemingly solid entities, rocks, seas and stones stars and planets. Reality, we think, looks substantial and fixed. This is actually an illusion.

We, and everything around us, are constructed from atoms. These atoms and particles are themselves nothing more than vibrating energy pulses in combination bound together by the atomic energy within those structures. Seeming solidity is just a matter of relative densities. My desk and chair are denser than me, so I can sit at them. Air is less dense so I can walk through it.

Atomic, gravitational and electromagnetic and spiritual energies seethe through our creation.  Science also believes that we are living in a multi dimensional reality. The laws of quantum mechanics which govern these vibrating energy pulses from which we are constructed are strange and almost magical. Through them we are all interconnected in a creation wide web .May be in more than one dimension.

We are at base nothing but energy beings living in an energy matrix. We could be no more than holograms! This opens up multiple possibilities as what we actually are and where we come from. We could be an alien computer simulation, we could just be a random result of evolution via the big bang, or we could have been placed here by a creator God or intelligent designer of some sort .There are also other possibilities too complex to air in a short thought.

So, as ever more questions than answers. The burning question is though. If we are nothing more than energy beings living in an energy matrix,. How do we know we are “real” at all?

That I will try and answer next time.

How did You Know?

Thought for the day 2

How did you know?

As per my glitter ball analogy of yesterday, I have another question to ask. The reflections, aspects or clues, whatever you like to call them, that reflect back into our reality, what were they for you? What did you see or understand which led you to realise that the physical reality in which we live I not, and cannot be the whole story?

For me it was a gradual realisation through childhood and adult hood. Although to be honest, even from a small child things did not feel right to me. I could see glitches and anomalies, enough to make me question things anyway. This triggered a life long fascination about how our reality actually works.

  • My first husband and I understood that we had met before in a previous incarnation. That was before such things were generally discussed or known about.
  • My mother could accurately see the future..did this mean that the future had already happened? It scared her.
  • The past life memories that began to bleed through that actually explained irrational fears that I held in this life.
  • The” boo” straight into my ear one night when no one was there.
  • The dark shape that wandered across my sitting room floor then disappeared. I may have thought that I was imagining it, but I saw a shocked expression on my companions face as he had seen it too.
  • The orbs that we saw and heard in a haunted hotel in Wales.
  • The time slip that occurred when driving along a country road late at night. A segment of a  radio programme repeated itself completely.

These are just a few examples, I am sure you have more…please share if you feel able.


Thought for the day

 I was asked to do a thought for the day sequence for a Facebook group ( Nothing fancy spiritual) and I thought I would share it here as it gets to the heart of what I am trying to achieve with my web blog.

Thought for the day,

In all my research for my books on the nature of reality, I started with two burning questions. Who are we, and what are we really doing here? Simple questions but actually almost unanswerable. Read the rest of this entry »

More fundamental elementals

Elementals are magical beings, building blocks of our existence. As ever research is very difficult and  there are different variations on the names and features of these entities. They are said to interact to make us, and there are many variations on the theme. This is a totally different way of looking at our creation and existence. The following list was given to me by Matthew Gibson. He reminds me that when I refer to our reality, I mean the 2nd Astral realm where we experience physical life.

He states that as well as the 5 elementals, Earth, fire, air water and storm there is:  Onix, light, death, dark, aether and life.

Onix- is the elemental that makes up the soul

Light- the elemental consisting of photons which in conjunction with our eyes allow us to see.

Death- is a transitional element ( vital to transform physical matter into etheric energy), which enables the spirit and soul to move on to the next plane.

Dark- the anti proton element which is behind dark matter and black holes etc.

Aether- this is the element of spirit, which pervades our reality.

Life- the element which gives is life, the generation of which science cannot yet properly explain.

Every element has a male and female aspect, giving 22 in total.

They occupy their own realms and venture into our physical world.

Fundamentally, as human beings we are made up of these elements.

A whole new way of looking at our reality. More research needed!


Storm Elemental

As before discussed, an elemental is a type of magical entity who personifies a force of nature and controls natural powers derived from their element. The 16th century Alchemist, Paraclelsus, identified the four categories, gnomes, undines, sylphs, and salamanders which I explored last time. These correspond to the classical elements of antiquity: earth, water, air and fire. These are still widely used today. This may not be the whole story though.

It has been brought to my attention that there are other elemental beings though, who are just as vital in our reality, for example, STORM.  My American contact Matthew Gibson has explained to me that Storm is an enhancement element that freely combines quite often with the other four physical elements: earthquakes, tornadoes, forest fires/infernos, and hurricanes are all examples of this.

The problem is though, as with all the elementals, that the rise of the fantasy games industry, has blurred even further the lines between fact and fiction in researching these beings. Very excitingly though, there are more elemental beings which are fundamental to the creation of our reality.

These I will explore next time.

The Face on Mars

Went to a lecture last night on “The face on Mars “on the area of Mars known as  Cydonia. Massives (large hills(?)with shiny tops ,high albedo) nearby can be linked to show a regular geometric pattern which hardly seems natural. A member of the audience then contributed to tell us about his work on ancient sites in the UK, which had similar geometric angles and values. Could there be a link? The strange structures that look like buildings on the dark side of the moon, were also discussed. The question then was “Are these evidence of ancient alien civilizations?” There have been several books published on the phenomenon, and other strange structures on Mars. Read the rest of this entry »

Gnomes, sylphs, undines and salamanders


Beyond science, hard information is very difficult to obtain on these special and vital beings. I have distilled the information available as accurately as I could.  The trouble is that many people and sources do not always agree. Myth and fantasy games also muddy the information stream. All I can say is that, all sources agree that these beings live on the astral plane and seem to be essential to our, and the Earth’s, existence. In some senses this is a simplified story, though, but glimpses of a bigger picture of reality do begin to emerge.

Gnomes ( Earth elementals)

Dumpy and grumpy guarding mines and treasures. They are said to move through the Earth at will. They are usually portrayed as wizened old men with pointed hats and beards. The nature spirits who serve at the physical level are called gnomes.

There are said to be billions of Gnomes that work tirelessly all the year round to make sure that all living things get what they need. They also process waste and mitigate, where possible, pollutants, negative energies as well as those physically poisonous to the Earth and humanity.

Sylphs ( Air elementals)

Sylphs are believed to be an offshoot branch of the sidhe, a supernatural race comparable to the fairies or elves. Sometimes they look like clouds, other times they can be seen as tall thin humans, but with large wings. They can be mistaken for angels or vice – versa. They are said to purify the air, but also the mental plane. They can soar above the Earth at will and travel great distances.

Undines ( Water elementals)

Undines are supposed to be spirits of the water, some say present in every drop. The undines protect water and also try to cleanse waters that have been poisoned by sewage, industrial waste, chemicals, pesticides and other substances. They work ceaselessly to heal the polluted seas. They usually, but not always, resemble female humans, mermaids are supposed to be a sub –species, but there are others. As mermaids they may interact with human men. Merman also exist.

Salamanders ( Fire elementals)



Great claims are made for salamanders. They are said to appear as adult male humans made from flames or sometimes lizards. They control the element of fire.

In some circles they are said to infuse our reality with the energies of the Spirit necessary to sustain life on earth. Capable of wielding both the most intense fires of the physical atom and the purifying, spiritual fires of Spirit, they control the spiritual-material oscillation of light within the nucleus of every atom. They are agents for the transfer of the fires of the subtle world for our everyday use. They also absorb negativity from humanity.


This is just one layer of elemental beings though. The big picture of elemental beings in our reality is much more complex and includes ourselves.

More next time.




Elemental spirits of Earth, fire, air and water

Alongside all the other nature spirits there are elemental beings which also help life on Earth to exist and flourish. In antiquity there was said to be 4 elements which made up the Earth. That is earth, fire, air and water. Our understanding of these elemental beings is based on these categories. The Chinese have a 5th, iron, and I am sure there are many other cultural variations. Read the rest of this entry »

Leprechauns, goblins et al

There are many other little people, as well as elves and gnomes, that are said to routinely interact with humans in our reality. There are brownies, dwarfs, imps, sprites, merman and maids, sylphs, undines, asrai (aquatic fairy), selkies, pixie etc etc. They all seem to be considered fairies, but although they are all held to have magical powers, the way they interact with humans and the environment seems totally different. Read the rest of this entry »

Elves and Gnomes

There seems to be  so many” little people” of myth and legend in our reality, classified as devas, but very hard to pin down. Of all the Devas I have looked at, elves and gnomes, apart from fairies of course, are among the best known. The trouble is that any search for the truth about elves and gnomes info gets soon caught up in the world of fantasy. I came across Christmas helping Santa Elves, middle earth Tolkien Elves, and the Elves and Gnomes of German folklore. There are even Lego Elves and, of course, garden Gnomes! It is very hard to distinguish elf and gnome fact from a rich tradition of elf and gnome fantasy. Read the rest of this entry »