The reality of seeing orbs

 In my researches  I founds lots of pictures of these mysterious orbs, of all colours, taken by a great many people. There was not much explanation,  though, of what they  actually were and what they were doing in our reality. Where do they fit into the jigsaw puzzle of life ? The general consensus seems to be that they are generally, but not always, balls of spirit energy from the spiritual realm.

A  small straw poll among family and friends reveal that many people actually admit to seeing orbs if pressed.

Orbs encounters

This short list is just from family and friends.

-C stated that one day in a bungalow she lived in many years ago, she saw a stream of white orbs traveling through one part of the ceiling and swirling  around and leaving through  another. She heard “electrical” sounds and had the impression they were pure energy.

-G said one day she woke up and there was a large aqua one in the corner of her bedroom ceiling. It lit her way down to the loo!

-P, who is healer said she saw them, of many colours, all the time when she was healing.

-X, felt that the spirit of her dead twin sister was in an orb that followed her about sometimes.

-M,  a grandson saw orbs with something in them when he was very small. This, as an older boy, he does not remember.

-T, saw the gold rimmed ones swirling about in the locked haunted ballroom.

-I, myself, actually remembered seeing some without realizing what they were. At I time when I was in great distress, balls of emerald green light ( I know now to be healing), would appear.

Why don’t we all see Orbs?

As explained in my post “The reality of what we see or do not see” Categories; being human and human construction. What we see depends on the quality and sensitivity of our sense organs, eyes in this case, our perceptions and how our brains organize the information it receives.  This does vary from person to person. There is much more around us than our eyes can see or our brain can process. It sometimes just cuts out things that it does not recognize. Those in energy or spiritual work are obviously more sensitive to seeing such things. The interesting things is that they do sometimes appear on photographs, even if the photographer was not aware they are there when the shot was taken. Some advanced cameras see more than the human eye can!




Another look at the reality of our history

As part of my research for my second book- Further Aspects of Reality – I intended, in the future, to look at clues to the real history of our world. I became intrigued by this during my work on ancient aliens.  Recently though Weymouth PLG  showed  a DVD of a lecture by  Klaus Dona, which I felt I could not miss.

Klaus is a famous Austrian  artifacts researcher. He explores skeletal and archaeological remains of giant humans and other long lost species.  He also looks at hidden artifacts from long long civilizations. The point was made though, that although evidence for the giants, some 2.5 metres and some up to 7.0 metres exists, it ends to be locked away or even destroyed, as do any evidence which contradicts the narratives that our civilization adopts as fact. Although even our own Christian bible mentions giants and races of giants.

There were giants [nephilim] on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of God came in to the daughters of men and they bore children to them. Those were the mighty men who were of old, men of renown (Genesis 6:4).9

Anyway, we were shown  pictures of parts and foot prints of  giant human beings. Also artifacts  and carved stones depicting humans  interacting with dinosaurs and human foot prints contemptuous with dinosaurs. Many other strange artifacts shown that were found out of time and place, including a metal cup found INSIDE a coal seam which would have been laid down millions of years ago.

Klaus admitted some may have been faked, but most of them could not have been.

The point is, though, that evidence is all around that the  history of our human civilization that we have been taught is flawed or incomplete. The Earth has been home to many species and civilizations of humans or even aliens though its long history. Continents have rises and disappeared which changing sea levels and traumatic geological events. They/we simply do not know the truth in these matters.

Much more research needed!



The reality of orbs

  The existence of the phenomena of orbs is something that has fascinated me for a long time. What are they? What are they doing here in our reality? A surprising number of  sensitive people report seeing them regularly.   Generally thought to be the manifestation of energy of some sort, they are usually seen as floating globe shaped balls of many different colours.  They can be seen and photographed floating about singularly or in groups, in our reality. Some seem to have something inside them.

Skeptics would say that those photographed  are just thought to be  dust or particles being refracted by the camera lens. This does not explain multiple sightings of them though.

Some are like the illustration, just circles of light, some are solid colour.

Personal experience

I do have an unexpected personal experience of the reality of orbs. When calling in at an old castle turned hotel in Brecon looking for a bed for the night, we were causally told about the haunted ballroom by the proprietor.  We keep it locked, he said, but every night I sit and watch orbs of light flashing about on my CCTV. We bravely walked down to peep in. The double doors were padlocked but could be pulled slightly open. I saw nothing but heard great rushing sounds. My husband did not say anything at the time but admitted later ( knowing nothing about orbs) to seeing multiple golden circles of light.

What exactly were these orbs? Where did they come from? What were they doing here? What part do they play in our reality?

That is exactly what, over the next few weeks I will be trying to find out!





Reality of our interactive life

Just to finish my who are we and what are we actually doing here thread  (check out The Reality of our origins, why are we here? and The reality of our individual purpose posts),  there is one really important final  point to make.

Ultimately the purpose of our life here is a matter for faith and belief as well as science. We may never all agree. The one thing we should all agree on though is that we are all in this life together. We are an interactive reality. We are all connected, not just at the quantum and practical levels, but on a spiritual level also. I have often referred to our existence as an interactive video game, we may even be holographic players.

All we can do though is play as nicely as we can. To be as kind and supportive of others that we can, and to remember if we can improve the game life is better for us all. Every action or inaction has a consequence for others. We cannot save the world or planet single handedly, we can just minimize the damage that we do to it and to others.  Just play the game as best we can, within our own belief system.

We must try harder!


The reality of our individual purpose

In my post –The reality of our origins- why are we here?-I looked at the different possibilities of how we, as race, arrived here in this reality. The alternatives were; through a creative designer or God, randomly via blind evolution,seeded by aliens or manifested by ourselves.  For me though, the intriguing thing is, what I am doing here ? Why did I chose to incarnate in this reality?  Why does anyone?

Not withstanding the other alternatives, I believe that it all comes down to soul experience/ development and of course a possible mission. Like so many, I know that there is something particular I came to do this time. What it is may be a different matter. We all have a rough plan. Some missions are small but vital, some missions may be just in helping someone else to achieve theirs. Some missions may be on the grand scale. Or perhaps we are just background for a bigger picture. How do we know what ours are?

Since my 40’s I have felt a growing instinctive sense of mission, a mission to communicate about the nature of our reality to the widest possible audience.

I do not know if I am succeeding or failing, I may have already communicated to the one vital person, to help them in their mission. Or I may have been wasting my time altogether.

All I can say is when ever I feel that I am getting nowhere and will stop, I get nudged by the universe, so I must be still on my  pre planned path. It is the nudges and signs that keep me going.

What is your mission?



The reality of our origins, why are we here?

In trying to do my jigsaw about the truth of our reality, and how it functions, I am always surprised on the direction my research takes me. For instance, there are so many clues there in plain sight that the narrative we have been taught about our origins is flawed, or completely wrong. The ancient alien posts are a case in point, we may have been seeded here by an alien race or genetically altered to become human, but other topics too raise more questions than answers.

Also, at the beginning of my search I asked myself who actually are we, as human beings, and what are we really doing here?  The answer to the first question is, at base, energy beings (with consciousness and/or a soul) living in an energy matrix. The question that I have probably not yet addressed properly is, what are we doing here?

The answer to that, as a race of beings, depends largely on your belief system, of course. There are four main alternatives that I am aware of.

  • We have been placed here by a God or an intelligent designer of some sort, and will be judged on our actions in life.
  • We are a completely random evolutionary accident.
  • We chose to incarnate here from beyond creation to develop our souls and experience physical life.
  • We may have been placed here, or genetically altered, by alien races from beyond the stars.

Has anyone else got any different ideas?


The reality of Dreamtime

The reality of  who, as human beings, who we actually are and our real origins, has been one of the central themes in my attempt at doing the  jigsaw of our reality. As often happens, a random TV programme came to my attention. It concerned the origins of Aboriginal Australians. This added another piece to the puzzle.

I knew vaguely that their was some puzzlement on how they arrived in Australia, given that mankind was said to have evolved in Africa. There was fudging about lower sea levels but no proper explanation. I also remembered that the suspicion was that actually their culture was much older than ours.( Turns out to be  60,000 thousand years at least by their reckoning)

The problem is, of course, with no tradition of written language, it all becomes tricky. History, apart from a few rock paintings, their books, is passed down orally in the form of stories and song and dance. There is a general suspicion in our culture about believing such un verifiable sources, not to mention a presumption ( undeserved) of the primitive nature of it and them.

The traditional Dreamtime legend  states that the rainbow serpent held all of creation in its belly, including the first man.

Also, Aboriginal legend holds that  all Australian life was seeded by sky Gods in the remote past. Was the rainbow serpent a space ship?

When asked where they come from they will point up to the sky, they come from beyond the milky way. There is an ancient knowledge of the stars and their positions. Also, the cave paintings, as per the above illustration, show beings in helmets looking suspiciously like the famous, or infamous, grey aliens. Australia is also a known UFO hotspot today.  Many believe that the interaction still goes on.

Aspects of reality

The original inhabitant of Australia may have been seeded by aliens over 60,000 years ago.

Total Earth energies

What I thought would be a simple topic- Earth energies- has become a complex and fascinating one. I have learnt so much, but have also had tantalizing glimpses of energies and grids which are beyond usual comprehension. The Earth, it seems, is a seething mass of interacting energies. Some of these we use to ensure our survival and some we can use to enhance our spiritual power or heal. Some of which are scientifically measurable, some are not. There are also clues that the energies are part of a bigger cosmos wide system. We, and our Earth are part of a matrix of vibrating energy.

Science tells about the Sun’s energies driving our ecosystem and allowing the cycle of life. It also protects us, via the heliosphere, from some of the debris that is floating about in space.

The magnetic field and grid of the Earth protect us from the solar wind of charged particles that streams out from the sun.

Gravity holds Earth in potions around our Sun, us on the surface  and our moon in orbit around us. These natural forces sometimes seep up via cracks or anomalies in the surface of the Earth and create ley lines. There are also anomalies in the magnetic grid which create vortexes or anti gravity spots which some think are linked to other worlds and other dimensions. There are clues that the natural energy grid of the Earth has been used as a power source by ancient races or alien visitors in our past.

Science also, on a quantum level, tells us that as fundamentally beings made of nothing more than vibrating pockets of energy (quanta), we and our Earth are linked across all of physical creation and beyond.

Zero point field theory also shows that fundamental energy particles permeate all of creation, flickering in and out of existence continually.

Beyond Science

There is another layer of energies which science can not yet detect.

The Earth itself may be a sentient being Gaia. She may have spiritual energy systems which may also seep out of the cracks in the form of subtle energy. This is also used to enhance intentions and spells and to be used in healing.

The universe seems to be infused also with spiritual or subtle energy, a universal  healing or creating energy stream for our use.


As inhabitants of the Earth and living on its surface, we contribute to the Earth energies. Our auras, both the biochemistry of our working physical bodies and  our spiritual bodies, spread out around us and interact with all the other surrounding energies. This is true of all living things.

What else?

Many of the energies surrounding us are beyond science. Some are known about, some are yet unknown. We are undoubtedly part of a bigger system than that which we are of aware yet. Earth energies is a topic that could run for ever!

Track back in the Earth energy categories for more information on the topics above.




Other Earth energies

Co-existing with all the obvious physical energies that make our Earth what it is, there are other unseen energies which make a significant contribution.  Not only, via our sub atomic structure, are we and our Earth  part of as cosmos wide interlinked energy grid, we, ourselves, are part of the Earth energies.

Cosmos wide connections

Ourselves and the Earth, indeed all of physical creation, are constructed from atoms. Atoms themselves are constructed from nothing more that pockets of vibrating energy called quanta.

The quantum mechanics law of non locality( simply put) states that one a particle has been in contact with another they are forever linked, how ever far apart in the universe they may be. As all matter was formed from the energy of the Big Bang we are all connected at a subatomic level. The cosmos is a interconnected web.

Spirit or Subtle energies

All living things have spirit bodies, blue prints even, which work in harmony with our physical bodies enabling them to function properly and keep well.   These can been seen in our auras.

Gaia’s energy body also seeps out though the ley lines or hot spots giving additional spirit or subtle energies which can be used to enhance prayer, intention or spells.

We all receive energy to maintain them (via chakras) from  something called the universal energy stream. This is a source of energy, undetectable as yet by science, but permeating the universe, which healers use to heal.


Physical  body energies

Our physical bodies are constantly working bio chemical factories.

There are trillions of chemical reactions, energy exchanges, happening as we go about our everyday lives. Every sound we make, every thing we say, every emotion we feel and every thought we think are also energy. This all contributes to the Earth energy systems, we are part of it.

The unknown

Spirit of subtle energies cannot, as yet, be detected by our science. There may be other wavelengths of energy which are also acting on, or permeating, our Earth which our instruments cannot yet detect.

Who knows what the true total Earth energies story actually is!




Can our planet actually be a sentient being, known as Gaia? If you remember, our reality is composed of many layers, the atomic,  physical and the spirit energy level. Could the rocks, plains and oceans that we inhabit and take for granted actually be a super organism, a conscious being?

Today, Gaia is also the name of an ambitious mission to chart a three-dimensional map of our Galaxy, the Milky Way, in the process revealing the composition, formation and evolution of the Galaxy. Hopefully this will give us some answers.

Goddess Gaia

On one level Gaia (or Gaea) is the Greek name for the Earth Mother Goddess. She was created from the primal cosmic chaos.  Gaia is supposed to have given birth to all the plants, animals, gods and goddesses, and of course the human race.  Gaia was the great mother of all creation. This is goddess Gaia. She is still worshiped in some quarters today.

Gaia as a sentient being

 The Gaia hypothesis states that Earth is a single living entity, a sentient super organism. Gaia works to maintain a homeostasis, a stable and optimal set of conditions which allows life on Earth to be comfortable and thrive. Although expanded and restated by James Lovelock, in his books about Gaia, it is not a wholly new concept. In the 18th Century, for example biologists and writers such as James Hutton and Lewis Thomas were exploring, theorizing and writing about the possibility.

Lovelock defined Gaia as “…a complex entity involving the Earth’s biosphere, atmosphere, oceans, and soil; the totality constituting a feedback or cybernetic system which seeks an optimal physical and chemical environment for life.”

In his books about Gaia he gives evidence for the interconnected and self balancing factors that enable life on Earth to survive and even flourish. When you think about it there are so many factors that have to be just so for us to exist at all, let alone in our complex interconnected systems. Could it really all be random?

JL gives as one example the level of oxygen in our atmosphere. In spite of all human activities it is relatively stable. Too little we could not breathe properly, too much and fires would burn out of control. Could this be just a lucky accident?

Some think that, as a sentient being, Earth has, as we do, its own energetic system. It is these spirit or subtle energies  that permeate out (as per our ley lines and hot spots) for use by humanity.

The tricky question

This leads to the core question. Does the Earth (via Gaia) shape life on Earth? Or does the life existing on the Earth, shape it?

The modern Gaia mission, if it can find other planets with life on them, may be able to throw some light on that question.

A  final thought

If the Gaia hypothesis is true, we must hope that she does not decide that the rest of life is better off without the human race and cleanse herself of us. I suspect she has done that already several times before