Other Beings in our reality with us

My new book SUPER CLUES TO REALITY is almost ready for publication. We are hoping for an Imbolc launch!

Anyway, there is one particularly interesting aspect of these super clues, that is the existence of other beings in our reality with us.

I have a lovely new illustrated talk which explains who and what they are and how they interact with us. It is called OTHER BEINGS IN OUR REALITY WITH US

I explore angels, aliens, orbs, the  fairy folk, ghosts and spirits and much much more.

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Talking about other beings in our reality with us.

Really enjoyed giving my new talk, OTHER BEINGS IN OUR REALITY WITH US, to the Christchurch Rainbow group.. They really loved it too.
So am now taking bookings for any group large or small, from December to May. Interested? please phone 07769668993, Pm me or e mail marian.matthews3@gmail.com for more details.

Flow of time

As I get older, more and more I find myself going with the natural flow of time (in both senses obviously).
I feel that I am on a preplanned path and find myself making instinctive decisions which may not seem optimum logically but I know they are the right ones. I am routinely nudged by the universe.
Where will my flow take me? I consciously free myself from the need to know. Knowing may limit. You have to trust, both your instincts and the universal plan!

Our personal visual reality

Two of my main questions in my search for  the truth about our reality are ; How do we know what we are seeing is the whole story? How are we accessing physical reality? I found a wonderful science TV program by David Eagleman which explained this wonderfully clearly. This enabled me to put another giant piece in my puzzle.

The answer is, of course, that it is our physical brain, via our senses, that allow us to access and interact with our reality. At the same time our senses are an illusion constructed by the brain. Information about our physical reality streams in to our brain continually in greater quantity than we are aware of. So much streams in that our brain cannot cope with it all. Our brain sifts all incoming data to look for patterns, which are then constructed into our own version of reality.

What we see through our eyes is a case in point. The Thalmus is one of the brains’ major junctions. Most sensory information connects through here on its way to the outer surface of the brain, the cortex. Data collected by the eyes stops here on its way to the visual cortex. Brain scans, however reveal that for all the information coming in to the visual cortex, there is 6X as much flowing in the opposite direction. We see reality only using information that we already have in our heads.

In everyday life the brain is continually updating the patterns in our head about what we expect to see with what is actually out there.  People in complete sensory deprivation conditions often report still seeing pictures. Our seeing, our view of the world, relies mainly on what is already in our heads rather than exclusively what is coming in. There is a dance between the outside world and our brains, the individual internal model which they have constructed. This gives us our own individual version of reality.

Not only that but individual parts of the brain process information at slightly different rates. There is said to be a time lag while this happens. The reality we do see is delayed, it is 2/10ths of a second late. This is brain edit that we are not aware of. In the end all you can say is, reality is what your brain tells you it is.

Book news

My new book, Super clues to reality, is now going to be edited, ready for publication. If you would like an advanced copy please register an interest on 7Aspects@gmail.com.

Until it is ready there will be no more weekly updates on this site, but don’t forget there is a vast archive on reality subjects available with a click of the button. These range from Angels to Zero point field. Enjoy!

Spirit guides

As well as angels looking over us, and protecting us we are also said to have have spirit guides. These are entities from the spirit worlds, those that have chosen to look over us and help us in our Earthly incarnation. Their role is slightly different from that of the angels though, although some angels do seem to act as spirit guides.

Spirit guides are more aware of your life purpose, and will help you fulfill that if possible. They may come from different sources and have different roles to play. Sometimes they are with you your entire life, some guides may just appear for a short time to help with a particular problem or life phase. They may guide spiritually or guide you through physical life choices. They may appear in dreams, send messages or feed ideas into your mind. They sometimes appear as native Indians or gurus from the Eastern religions. Some people do manage to communicate with them directly. There is someone always available for advice or guidance, whether we are aware of them or not.

Who or what are they?

-They may be loved ones who have passed over. ( I often feel my late mother giving me advice!)

-They may be ancestors that you never met but are still looking out for you.

-They be friends that have passed before you.

– They may be spirit animal guides.(My husband feels his last dog, Brutus in always there for him.)

-They may be ascended masters.

-They may be archangels.

-Some feel they are getting advice from the fairie or elemental realm.

– Some people think that Interdimensional beings, or beings from planets other than Earth that we may have been incarnated on previously, also act as guides.

Whoever they are life would be much harder without them. I have been told that Metatron, Merlin and Mary( among others) are helping look after me!



Ascended masters

This is a topic I am completely new to, it seems, at first glance, to be almost a missing link to the beginnings of an understanding of the big picture of the cosmos. Simply put, Ascended masters are believed to be spiritually enlightened beings, who in past incarnations were ordinary human beings. They have become spiritually transformed, enlightened, and choose to come back to the Earth sphere to help others along their own paths. In Other words, the Ascended Masters serve as the teachers of mankind from the realms of spirit.  They either come back as babies or inhabit existing bodies as a “walk in”. Sometimes they also act as spirit guides. Interestingly enough, some of the archangels ( ie Michael and Metatron) are thought, in some circles, to be ascended masters who have taken on angelic form.

There are thought to be, in practice, many thousands. Controversially, perhaps, in some circles Jesus, Buddha,  Quan yin, kali, and  Krishna are seen as Ascended masters rather than Gods.  Also Merlin and Mother Mary are some of the other well known candidates.

More research needed!

Happy Candlemas/Imbolc and Chinese New Year

With spring beginning to slowly emerge, the next few days are very interesting astrologically and magically. I always think that astrology is like a satnav in the heavens, built into our reality as a guidance system. Under the Chinese system, moon based, February 5th   this year is New Year. The Year of the Earth pig. Imbolc/Candlemas is the pagan celebration of the new life of spring, looking forward to the year ahead. What a wonderful combination!

Year of Earth pig

Despite common perceptions, a pig represents luck, overall good fortune, wealth, honesty, general prosperity. People born year of the pig tend to be hard working, a peace-loving person, a truthful, generous, indulgent, patient, reliable, trusting, sincere, giving, sociable person with a large sense of humour and understanding.

So despite what is going on in the world, it should hopefully be a good year. Earth pig year is a year that should be devoted to welfare of family, rest and reflection and of finishing projects. Unsurprisingly, earth years are connected with stability and the land. We will have to see!


 This is a pagan festival celebrating the stirring of new life, hope and rebirth. It is a time to let go of the past and look to the future. Another sort of New Year. It also honours Brigid the pagan goddess. Imbolc was absorbed into Christianity as Candlemas, Brigid, it is said became St Brigit.

So honour the Earth and nature, look forward to a hopefully more stable, prosperous, and peaceful year ahead.



The subject of ascended masters, part of other being in our reality with us, which I am now researching, is as with all reality subjects complex but universal. There are many slightly different points of view or variations. People often use different languages to describe the same thing.

My first question is, what is meant by ascension? I was brought up with the image of Jesus ascending, fully clothed, into heaven. We even had a day off school, Ascension day. I did not realise at the time, we were very narrowly brought up, that other masters from other cultures and religions, were also considered to have ascended. Before I continued my research my first question was what was the difference between ascension and “ordinary” passing over?

Ordinary mortals, like you and I, pass over at the point of physical death. We either believe we go back to a creator god, and our reward or punishment, or we pass through the astral plane and planes of existence, to re-join source before re-incarnating. Some still believe that we vanish into nothingness. I am sure there are other variations as well.

As I understand it ascension does not need physical death. It is a passing back up (or down), a voluntary moving on. Thus the image of a fully clothed Jesus moving upward. It is usually voluntarily leaving, or returning to, this plane for a purpose.

My next questions are, who are these ascended masters, what is their purpose, and what does their very existence indicate for the big picture of our reality?

Follow this thread to find out.

Another layer of reality

Thought I had finished my new book…super clues to reality..then realized there was a big topic that really gave insight into the bigger picture of our reality. Well two actually. Ascended masters and spirit guides. These come under the category of  other beings in our reality with us. It is these beings that give us insights into the greater reality, and who we really are and what we are doing here.

Any information or insights greatly appreciated.