The reality of creation-good and evil

When we look for the truth of the aspects of reality in our lives, we do have to consider whether it is possibility that the conventional Christian God could actually exist. We do live, after all, in a multidimensional universe, anything may be possible. Bound up with the belief in the existence of our God, there are the concepts of good and evil. If good and evil can be shown to exist, then that may indicate that the concept of a traditional supreme being itself cannot be so easily dismissed. The problem of course is in the human definition of these concepts.



What is good? We almost always know it when we see it, but it is harder to define than you would think. My dictionary defines good as “possessing and displaying moral virtue”. Other definitions I can find range from morally positive, unselfishness, law abiding ( although what happens if the laws of your society are bad?) to kind and caring of others. Following God’s laws, which have been set down by the commandments as rules to live by, obviously for some people would be the key thing. God, we are told, is pure goodness. We all know of people that are intrinsically good, without always being able to put why we feel that into words.



Evil, strangely, seems is slightly more easy to define. It can be defined as morally negative, not living by God’s rules. Putting your own needs above others. Some acts which can be seen as evil can actually be a result of extreme selfishness. People take what they want, swindle or steal, or invade or even kill or torture others because they feel that their needs and pleasures are more important than those around them. Some may do these things deliberately, or evilly. Others may be unaware or unconcerned of the effect of their actions on others. Their intentions are not evil, although the result of their actions can be considered so. Is this real evil or just a malfunction of their survival of the fittest biological genes? Some people do seemingly evil acts because they are mentally ill. We have all heard of those poor individuals who kill strangers in the grip of a delusion. They are ill rather than evil. Evil, it seems requires malice. It requires a deliberate intention to do harm, even at the expense of others.


Glimpses of a greater aspect of reality

The key questions are then, is if evil exists, is it just part of being human, almost an extreme of self centeredness or is it something more? Is there an agency or a being that encourages perpetration of these so called evil acts, for it’s, or their, own ends? Are good and evil man made concepts, developed to quantify, and thus help regulate, human behaviour? Or do the concepts reflect a greater aspect of reality?


In what aspect of reality could evil exist?

The great debate seems to be, not does evil actually exist, however you define it, but surprisingly, is evil a necessary counterpart to good? Is good and evil one system or two? If God is an all powerful creator why does he allow evil to exist? Is it deliberate on some level? Are there the two great opposing powers fighting for the soul of humanity, or is evil a tool used by God to allow us to develop, grow and change? Is the devil leader of the opposition? Is he created by, or equal to God? Evil, or its temptations, can be seen, as Martin Buber says, as “the yeast in the dough”. That is the ferment placed in the soul by a God to allow it to be grown and tested. The theory is that we can be tested as souls by our use or refusal of evil ways. This debate has strong adherents on both sides.



Is there any proof of forces of good and evil in the world? I have not personally seriously encountered either. Do evil spirits exist? Are the forces of good ever seen? There is a vast literature, and a wealth of anecdotal evidence to support people’s direct experience of both. I have spoken to people that feel they have encountered evil. I do not doubt that it exists. The Christian church does after all have a so called Deliverance mission, which among other things, casts out evil spirits. Also there is a service of exorcism, which can be and is performed from time to time. What does the existence of both concepts say about a possible big picture beyond earth? What does it say about the true nature of reality?


Heaven and Hell

Is heaven (resting place for souls of the good) and hell ( place of torture for the evil/bad) likely? No one has come back from either with hard evidence, although some claim to have received messages from souls now in the heavenly fields. Both places are considered outside of visible creation, so unverifiable. All we can know though is that science is moving towards the concepts of a multidimensional universe, so anything is possible.



If actual forces of Good and Evil can be shown to exist, then that strengthens the case for our Christian conventional God. It also strengthens the case generally for the religious component of our aspects of reality.

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