Reality-evolution vesus creationism

When looking at aspects of reality, where everything in the universe actually came from is a vital question. The origins of man, whether we arrived here as a result of evolutionary forces or were designed by some sort of God or designer, is a source of fierce contention in some circles. Given that the scientific evidence is building that we, and all around us, may actually in fact be nothing more than holograms, it may seem a less relevant question than it was. In our search for aspects of reality it is worth just looking at though. The debate always was, was the earth and all on it created by a designer, in particular our God, or is the universe, and life just a random accident. Is there a case for old fashioned creationism?


What does science say?

Science sees everything originating from the so called big bang. From a point, or points, in empty space, energy flooded the universe. Energy became matter, matter became stars and planets, earth was formed as part of that process. The elements on earth mixed and formed a primordial soup. This began to form chains of chemicals which became primitive, one cell, life. This eventually evolved into us. Could this have been all there was to it?



There are actually two problems with this scenario.

Firstly, from where did this initial burst of energy come from? Science has not real explanation for that.

Secondly, why life? Why did a bunch of chemicals become live bacteria etc? This has not been replicated in any lab. It is one of life’s great mysteries.


Darwin’s evolutionary forces

Charles Darwin’s theory, of evolution by natural selection, very cleverly describes how the process of evolution from bacteria to us, might have happened. The process may have happened generally as he suggested. This does not mean that the process was not instigated and triggered by God though.



Radio carbon dating seems to indicate a world millions of years old. How do we know that the radio active isotopes, by which we do the dating, always decayed at the same rate? Our timings could be completely wrong. Earth could have been formed much faster or slower.



Surprisingly, until we know more, we cannot know the truth in this matter. Science has as the two major unanswerable questions, as above, in its arguments. Creationism is matter of faith. The truth, as the possibility of a holographic universe shows, may be something completely different.


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