Tesla and Earth Energies

When looking at Earth energies in relatively modern times it is always worth starting with Nikola Tesla. Of course  he was obsessed with both wireless transmission and Earth energies, and envisaged harnessing the natural energies of the earth to cover the globe and power emerging technology. As I understand it, he was working on energies traveling both through the ground and through the air via his Wardencliffe towers. He imagined that there could be a worldwide network of these giving us all a grid to tap into for abundant free power.

For instance, in 1874 he wrote

” There will come a time when  you cross the ocean by steamer you will be able to have a daily newspaper on board with important news of the world, and by means of a pocket instrument and a wire stuck on the ground, you can communicate with friends at home though an instrument similarly attuned.” So, both mobile phones and information transmission.

What happened? Well once his backers realized what he was doing he was shut down. Power transmission was big business. The sad thing is that somethings he could do, albeit only on small scale, they are just starting to be able to do in the labs today.

The real interesting question is though, did some of our ancient civilizations use these same energies? Could they have used them in the building of the great constructions that seem impossible to have constructed, even today?

More research needed.

Aspects of Reality

1-There are natural energies running through the Earth that can be harnessed to give us all free power.

2-They may have been utilized by our ancient forebears.



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