Subjective reality

It is beginning to be understood  that our reality is not only not we think it is, but it is also multilayered. Lately I identified three of these layers ( and there may be more). That was ultimate, objective and subjective reality. Track back to see the whole story.

Subjective reality is probably the most interesting.

Firstly, it is subjective because what we see varies from person to person. We see what our eyes and sense organs tell us is there. All incoming data from these sense organs is compiled by our brain. Our brain interprets these according to what it already knows about the world. We see generally what we expect to see .It may not be exactly what the person standing next to us sees. Not to mention that our eyes can only see the wavelengths of light that they are set up to see. It is worth mentioning that we do not see up to  95% of what is there in our reality because our equipment is limited!

Some people do see more of it than others because of the natural variation of the range of their sense organs.

Secondly, There is also another scientific, quantum mechanical reason why our reality is more subjective than we think . I will look at that next time.


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