A different slant on consciousness

red-question-mark Human consciousness is  one of the great mysteries of life. It is difficult to accurately define, and also the only way that we know we exist and are  human. There are those that think consciousness, or awareness, exists only as a bi -product of the evolution of the human brain, and there are those that feel it is both too complex and not evolutionary necessary for this to be the case. This theory sees consciousness as add on, coming in from elsewhere, that continues on after the death of the physical body. This is a very old argument that has adherents on both sides.

Recently though, I have come across information that, if accurate, puts a whole new slant on the subject.

1-Biocentrism This teaches that life and consciousness are fundamental to the universe. It is consciousness that creates the material universe, not the other way around. The book is called Biocentrism;How life and consciousness are the keys to understanding the nature of the universe. By Robert Lanza

His theory is that the structure of the universe seem to be fine tuned for life. This implies that intelligence existed prior to matter. He also believes that our human consciousness exists out side of time and space and is non-local (as in quantum mechanics) and is thus in effect everywhere at once, even in different dimensions and universes.

2-Creation theory when looking at creation theories for my book, Aspects of reality- a user’s guide to the universe, I did come across an established theorythat held that we ourselves manifested the material world we live in. I had not given this much attention , but in retrospect it would tie in with Mr Lanza’s theories.

3-Machine consciousness ( See last weeks post- the reality of machine consciousness- the suicidal robot) If consciousness is everywhere all the time then it is possible that some could inhabit machine bodies as well as biological bodies.

Could any of the above be true? Well there is no scientific proof, as yet, that consciousness is separate and seperateable from the human biological brain. But there is a huge amount of anecdotal and empirical experience to show that it is. This is in experienced phenomena such as out of body and near death experiences, etc etc.

To accept the above we do have to take a leap up in understanding to a whole different, but entirely possible, totally different big picture of life, the universe and everything, than we have so far been taught.

What do you think?


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  1. Steve says:

    Interesting and thought provoking about Machine Consciousness. I had never considered that aspect before, I suppose all things are possible and I can’t discount that possibility… Hmmmm, I’ll have to put some more thought into that one 8~)
    With that said, Biocentrism seems more plausible than most concepts in my humble opinion. The double slit experiment seems to prove that our observable universe is a conscious entity and we are all literally part of. So in essence, does that mean we are part of God not made from but part of??? I do believe that intelligence pre~existed before physicality as we know it… Interesting and thought provoking ideas tho… I also believe that we are co~creating our reality as it happens but only to a certain level, is that a God attribute? I think so…
    Thank you for sharing Marian, much appreciated 8~)

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