A question about the reality of time again

One of the concepts that we take for granted in our reality is that of linear time. As a concept it is almost never questioned. We actually perceive our reality, our lives as biological beings, though the lens of this linear time.

Would it surprise you to know that although we see it as linear and even, there are a whole lot of doubts that that is actually the case? How often to we feel that it contracts, expands or even sometimes seems to repeat itself?

I came across a quote/question  on Facebook the other day.Nassim Haramein said words to the effect “Without memory there is no time”. On one level, of course, he is correct. Our understanding of time relies on the mechanism of memory. We know that there is a past present and future. At base it is more complex than that though.

Surprisingly, science is actually split on the subject. There are two main theories on the real nature of time. Firstly that it is in fact linear, secondly that everything happens simultaneously, and as humans we just perceive it to be linear. Also, if it is seen as just another force in the universe, it may flex as other forces flex around it.

So what seems a straight forward taken for granted thing is actually more uncertain and questionable than we realize on a day to day basis.

Aspect of reality

Although we seem to  live life according to linear time it may be an illusion.




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