A Question Of Consciousness-the ultimate reality.

Who do we think we are? What is our true reality?  Never mind what we are taught at school, what type of being  could we actually be?  As explained in the previous post, on a base atomic level  we are just vibrating parcels of energy in combination. All we know of all around us, we perceive only though our brains. The truth is that only know we are real because of the workings of our brain, or mind. Our sense organs, eyes, ears nose and skin relay messages from our nerve endings to our brain where they are processed, and made sense of.  But our sense organs may mislead us. Every thing around us could be an illusion. All we can be really sure of is our own existence. We are literally conscious of the fact that we are alive and interacting with the world around us. This consciousness is what makes us us as individuals. It is all we can rely on.  The understanding of consciousness can be seen as key to the understanding of the true nature of our reality.

What is consciousness

We talk about being conscious beings. What does this actually mean? This is a very strange concept to pin down. Yet this is probably the most important topic of all. It is, after all, the only way we can be sure we are “real”.

There is much on going debate on this subject. Consciousness can be described on one level as being awake and aware of our surroundings. The consciousness I am talking about is much more than that though. It is the capacity for abstract thought. It is being aware that we are living beings. It is being aware of past, present and future. Some people think is it what makes us us.

Consciousness and us.

The brain is a very complex organizing machine. It keeps the body functioning and takes in information from our surroundings and processes it to make sense of all we see around us.  Consciousness can be seen as  those thoughts  above and beyond what is actually required to keep the body functioning in the world.

As far as we know we are the only fully conscious species on earth. Some animals have some degree of it. How much is open to debate. They can be shown to have instincts which regulate behaviour, and even emotions in some cases, but this is not the same.

Aspects of reality

If we cannot be as sure as we have been of the solidity or true nature of our physical bodies, this does not matter as much as you might think. What matters is the true nature of our consciousness. That is the only means by which we can be sure we exist at all.

What is says about the nature of reality is another matter.


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