A question of good and evil

Funny how questions naturally evolve. My last two posts on  science, reality and multiverses  were triggered by a headline that caught my eye in a copy of New Scientist. I explained that 0ne multiverse (multiple universes ) theory, taken seriously in some scientific circles, dealt with the idea that all possibilities may exist at once. There may be multiple copies of us doing every combination of actions possible. Then where, did New Scientist ask, does that leave the concepts of good and evil?

This post triggered a question by one of my regular followers. She asked,” Is there somewhere that only evil happens?”    I answered, “No, but if all possible actions are lived by every individual, some will be considered good and some evil.Those committing evil in one set of decisions may actually have an alternative set/life which may be good. So, is evil a force or just a set of bad decisions?”

This I think is the key question, next week I will be exploring it. So watch this space!



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