Why are we here?

marianIt is often asked why we are here, why did we choose to incarnate in this particular body and put ourselves through the trials and tribulations of existence on planet Earth? Well, we did choose it, you know. Hard as that is sometimes to grasp as we struggle through.

Many of us feel that we have missions, although we are never sure whether we can or have fulfilled them or not. Anyway the truth is that there is purpose behind our existence, great or small. Happiness is to be found, not in being selfish individuals, but in living this life, participating in this joint interactive video game of ours as best and as nobly as we can.

So happiness can, and should perhaps only, be measured in what we can do to to make things better for all. That is in always  doing the right thing and raising humanities game. It is also found in appreciating and being thankful for the gift of our existence here on this beautiful planet. We will understand the bigger picture when we go on to the next level.


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