How does telepathy work?

consciousnessI gave my talk, Super Clues to Reality, this week. Some one E mailed me afterwards to ask me to explain again how I thought telepathy worked. I was very glad to answer and I thought I would share my understanding with you all.

I explained again that we are, at base, created from nothing more than energy.  Also one of the laws of  Quantum mechanics, which governs these basic energy particles, states that once a particle has been in contact with another they are always connected, even if they are millions of miles apart.

As we are all formed from matter, which formed originally from the energies of the big bang, so on one level we are all connected. Thoughts are just bio energy, they do extend way beyond our physical body. As we are all connected we should be able to access every body’s thoughts, all the time. That would make actual day to day living impossible, so our brain/consciousness filters it all out.

Some people can overcome the filters and read others thoughts, or remote view even. They can do this by mediation or just naturally have the ability to overcome these filters to a certain extent.

Aspects of reality

We are nothing more than energy beings living in an energy matrix. We are all connected at a fundamental level. Information can pass across this interconnectedness.

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