Lost in translation ?

I heard Radio 4 middle of the night broadcast the other day. I don’t know what the programme was called, as I was half asleep, but what I did hear made me think. The topic was the art of translation.

Apparently when translating from one language to another just translating individual words is not enough. You have to understand the culture  rhythms and assumptions of the language from which the words are being translated, or the sense and meaning of the translation may be fatally skewed and misunderstandings and errors can occur.

We have, on paper, a worldwide system of tele and internet communications. We think we know and understand each other as nations as we translate each others words. But do we? How much of the world’s problems are caused because of these errors in translation? If we understood the culture and rhythms better of our fellow men rather than just the words, how much more harmonious would international and personal relationships be?

I also realized that beyond that the problem may also occur when those who can communicate with  spirit and interact or  receive messages. These messages have to filter though the mediums’ internal translation systems. How much is lost or misunderstood?  Just a small error can sometimes fundamentally change the meaning of a communication. We have to stop just relying on words and look, where possible, to the heart of what has been said.

Makes you think anyway.



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