Too much noise?

Just recently, in a spiritual discussion group that I am a member of, we talked about the strange fact that many sensitive spiritual people, strangely, like heavy rock. The question was, why should this be so? The answer was, of course, that as out atomic structure means that we  consist of nothing more than vibrating quanta of energy.  The heavy sound vibration generated thus seems to have the effect of tuning us up and thus increasing our sense of well being.  I can certainly vouch for that having left a recent Rolling Stones concert strangely uplifted!!!

Co-incidentally, I heard on late night Radio 4, that a study in Sweden recently found that when students played slow, peaceful  classical music, then their  pulses also slowed down and they became very calm.

These are only anecdotal examples, but music does seem to affect our physical bodies in various ways, for good or bad.

My point here is quite different though. If music, which is, at base, nothing more than vibrating sound waves can affect the human body so strongly, what about all the other noise that the 21st Century subjects us to in our every day lives. Are they affecting us also more than we know? Should we more aware of noise pollution and the affect it has on us?

Makes you think


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