A different sort of truth

question marksWhilst researching my next book (Further Aspects of Reality ) I came across a concept involving a different sort of truth. I was researching Wicca, and one particular book defined the world of Wicca being one of Dionysian truth.

The writer (Vivianne Crowley) explained that this is a truth that is intuitive and non verbal.  A truth that is often conveyed through symbols and myths.” Words and books cannot convey the full essence of this truth.”

What ever you may think of Wicca I thought this was a wonderful and wise concept. How much of our deep knowledge is instinctive and cannot be put into words? The trouble is that today, generally, unless things are written down they are not given credence or understood. How much wisdom is missed because of this?

Anyway, trust your deep instinctive wisdom that you sometimes cannot put into words- it is none less valid because you cannot. Our society is the poorer for ignoring it.

What do you think?




One Response to “A different sort of truth”

  1. SuBe says:

    The instinct you are describing is gut instinct, without fail it is always right. There are no words to describe it, as it is a feeling.

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