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AstrologyAs a December 31st baby I always think of every New Year as a new beginning. Like many others I cannot resist looking at the astrological predictions for my “star sign” Capricorn. Generalized predictions are always a bit unsatisfactory as the true picture does depend on other factors such as actual time of birth as well as date, after all our lives are as individuals and not just one of 12! I always think that astrology is not meant to be an absolute predictive mechanism, but more a satnav warning you about hazards and  showing you the best routes through the year.

I always find the predictive arts interesting in as much as what they show us about the nature of our reality. What does their existence tell us about the big picture? Why should they work at all?

In April 2013 I posted about this very topic. (The reality of predictive mechanisms). Find it under the prediction category if you are interested. The famous Astrologer Jonathon Cainer was kind enough to give me an explanation as to why astrology works and allow me to quote him. I am reproducing it again below.

Jonathan’s explanation

When asked how astrology could possibly predict human behavior he stated that;

“ It can be comprehended if you understand that all things are composed of the same energy but vibrating at different rates. It also helps if you think of our solar system as one being, similar to an atom which has neutrons and protons orbiting a central nucleus.

If you were high enough, you could look down on our solar system as it travels though the universe and see it as an immensely vast series of unbelievably intricate patterns of energy all linked and interacting with each other. So in the same way that ripples are created on the surface of water by a stone being dropped into it, the energy of the full moon pulls babies out of the womb (ask any midwife when is her busiest time) and creates trouble after closing time outside the pub (ask any policeman)”

In effect he is saying that these linked energies affect us all, all the time. Astrology is a way of predicting the effects at any given time.

Wonderful stuff, but does make sense. our reality is, after all, just that of energy beings living in an energy matrix.

Aspects of reality

Is astrology a satnav put their by an intelligent designer of some sort to help us with life’s decisions?

Or is just fundamental to the energetic construction of the universe?

So may your energies be favorable, use the satnav well.




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