Rise and fall of machines


Around us these days is much talk of the machines replacing humans to make and do everything. There are even worries that they may, as in science fiction horrors, attempt to take over completely. I read only the other day of a worker in a factory being killed by a car making robot.

Even the most advanced machines are not yet conscious in the way humans are though, even though they are cleverly programmed to appear so.

As I was sitting in my car in the hand car wash the other day though, I thought this is one area that has fought back. People prefer to have their cars washed by hand. Humans actually do a better and more careful job. Especially with older or non standard cars.

We have also gone back to individual baking, sewing and crafts. So what is going on here? Where else are we going to fight back, and turn back the tide of standardization and over reliance on machines? Some machines are essential and life enhancing, like the one I am using now. Some have relieved us from lives of drudgery. Many are beginning to do jobs that we can still do better. We after all have something that machines do not,  consciousness, souls and life experience. Let us realize the difference, celebrate the differences and not let the machines have all their own way.

Most importantly though let us remember that our physical reality relies perhaps too much on machines. We have lost skills, the ability to feed ourselves, and we are too reliant on computers in our banking system. We, and our civilization could be eliminated very easily if required. If machines do achieve consciousness, on the other hand, would turning them off count as murder? Time to think this through properly before it is too late.

Aspects of reality

They cannot yet create real artificial intelligence, should it be feared or welcomed?


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