How can a soul be digital?

The “Times” on the 8th of April had an article entitled “Life after death with a digital soul” Apparently a new company wants to help people to cheat death by  creating  computerized versions of them, which their loved ones could interact with after their death.

It intends to do this by creating a lookalike avatar and then attempting to copy and upload the person’s personality. They will then input all accessible information, and known history of the person concerned, built up in their life time. This will include personal history, family stories and everything they have written on all social media and E mails.

This is all very interesting but how can it be called a digital soul?  What does it say about the reality of us? This assumes, does it not, that we are just one dimensional biological beings. Surely human beings are more than that.

How can mere information, in whatever quantity, re create the essence of being. Even the largest computer cannot yet re-create the consciousness that most feel is the real key to being human.  What about the vast information and memory bank stored in the subconscious? What about the decisions and interactions that most people do not know about? The beliefs that people are unaware that we hold? What about our spiritual component? What about our actual soul, that guides so many of our decisions and understandings?

However well meant, they are trying to recreate a many dimensional being in one dimension only.  It could be said to show a total lack of understanding about what makes us us. Interesting, if flawed, concept though. What do you think?




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