Different perceptions or different realities?

Dreams are created one choice at a time

Reality is  created one choice at a a time

As ever, the true nature of our reality is something that is a constant fascination to me. I am always on the look out for clues or insights. For instance, the other day I started to watch an American TV programme that was a story shown from the two main characters points of view. Key scenes were remembered differently by the protagonists. This got me thinking on a deep level about the individual nature of reality. The point is, is it generated differently or just perceived differently? Or probably both. It is very hard to tell.

Whilst on a day to day basis we can ask, how often to we misunderstand people or even fall out with them because we have perceived key scenes in our own lives differently? From a reality point of view the question is even more profound. I often feel that we are in some sort of gigantic interactive video game. Are we playing exactly the same game? Or do we just think we are and reality is in fact very individual?  We will only know the answers when we really understand the big picture of our existence. What do you think


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