A short thought for March 2013- should we know the future?

Whilst I was writing the last post, and before I start on my exploration of the various predictive methods people use, a serious  question jumped out at me.

If we can actually predict the future, should we?

As before mentioned, being told something will happen, and believing it, often does effect your sub conscious choices and make it much more likely to happen.

As I understand it, one of the vital differences between humanity and the rest of the animal kingdom is that we are fully consciousness. We have a free will, which in theory allows us to perhaps over ride our potentially genetically pre programmed behavior and make  free choices  (although the jury is out on this one, there are those who believe that free will is an illusion or part of our genetics anyway).

However, if you believe that there is point to life, that we are being tested, or learning, or experiencing different lives, or working though past life Karma’s perhaps, then it does put a different complexion on the matter.

Accepting help from an intelligent universe or  intelligent designer does have a logic.  But, knowing too much about our futures could constrain us from experiencing the full human experience. (May even  interfere with the testing process!!) It is best, for so many reasons that we make our own mistakes and learn and try even the things that are wrong for us sometimes. That is, actually live free.

Knowing too much about our future, and making decisions accordingly could mean that we miss out on some of the thrill of the alternatives, and perhaps on some of the lessons that we need to learn. It would be as if we were all following a script and not living at all.

If you believe that it is all preplanned anyway,  you may think it  useful to know the script!!!!!!

So the answer to the intial question depends on what you think life is all about.


What do you think?



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