Flexible thinking

question marksIn this ever expanding subject of the nature of reality, that I am always writing and commenting on, nothing seems to stand still. New knowledge, insights and understandings are coming to my attention the whole time.

Often I start a thread, and have in my head a plan, and then a particularly insightful comment by a reader sets in train a whole new perspective. My plan gets side lined as I follow the trail as far as I can. I love this as I am a knowledge seeker as well as a knowledge sharer.  The danger is always in the closed minds in our society!

So..my manifestation thread  is in a completely different format to which I had planned (thanks DR).

Whilst I was writing this, though, it struck me that what is true for my writing and blogging is also true for “real” life. Sticking rigidly to a plan whilst ignoring clues from the universe, friends and your own gut instincts is often a recipe for disaster or disappointment. Our whole interactive co-operative system for living gives us access to a wider wisdom than people often realize, always using caution of course.

Flexibility rather than dogma is the key to blogging, and life itself!

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