Beings from other worlds around us?

Personal testimony

It is funny how strange events come out of the  blue when you least expect them. For instance,when I was on holiday recently, I looked up and in a crowd of people I noticed two strange men in dark coats and hats looking at me. What made them stand out was the fact that they seemed to have beams of light coming out of their eyes.  I wondered what was actually going on, or if I had had too much wine with my lunch!!!!

The whole thing  was very strange, because although I would love to be able to see some of the phenomena that I report other people as seeing, I generally cannot.

Who or what could they be I asked? Some friends said aliens, some angels or even that  I have imagined them.

A few weeks later I asked a new friend who works at a  high healing level what she thought.

Instantly she told me that they were Lemurians from the constellation Lemuria. The beams of light from the eyes were the giveaway. She herself claims to work with extra- terrestrials in her healing practice.

The very next day whilst watching the news I heard that two new possibly habitable planets had been discovered. THESE WERE IN THE CONSTELLATION LEMURIA

Very spooky!!!!!

Aspects of reality

Beings from other worlds are among us. Sometimes we can see them.


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