Knowing when to let go.

Part of our reality is our experience of living on our Earth. We are here to live different lives and experience different scenarios within these lives. We often make contracts with people before incarnation and agree to play a teaching part in each others lives. These may be short or long or just fleeting. Sometimes we just need to make new contacts. New souls that may help each others journey in past and future lives. Sometimes to allow these people in we have to let others go. We are, as humans limited in our time and capacities. So , it is relevant both to life style and soul development. If you have come across the post in my lifestyle mode, re read with your soul hat on!

I managed to see an old friend for lunch the other day. We had not been able to find a mutually free day for some time, but at last we made it. I excitedly made the rendezvous, and we hugged. We had a pleasant day, but at the end I realized that the strong empathy and connection we once had had simply, and suddenly, dissipated. Who, who knows, diverging life paths perhaps, but it was anyway a sad  fact of life.

There is a time to let people go. They come into your life for a reason….there is a famous quote that I cannot quite remember….but it says that the time may be long or short but still of value. Anyway, there is a time to let people go, with love. We simply cannot keep up close connection with everyone from our past. We become cluttered, like an overfull cupboard. We need to clear space for new friends and their lessons to flow into our life path.

So, accept and move on, value what you had had, remember with love.


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