The renewing reality of us.

What is our reality? The only thing we can be sure of is that it is in our mind. Our mind is like a giant organizing computer. It takes in and stores all the information that it receives from our sense organs as we go about our daily lives.  We are only aware of part of it , but it is all there.

We are also products of our genetic inheritance. We have tendencies and characteristics passed on by our parents at the time of conception. Some would also say that we have a soul. This all blends together to give us our personalities. Every day we are experiencing different things. We are taking in every thought, action and interaction into our data base. This is blending with the above, shifting slightly the sum total of who and what we are. Therefore every day we wake up a slightly different person. We must just make sure then that that person is better than the person that went to bed the night before.


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