The possible unreality of reality

holograph 2Last time, in my exploration of the study of aliens races in our reality, I explained the theory that some people believe that our reality is a virtual reality. This may be generated by ourselves at another level, or designed or hacked into by a controlling alien race.

James Wallis pointed out to me that some “heavy hitters” do believe this is to a possibility. He told me that:

“Elon Musk, a technology billionaire and the guy who owns Tesla and  believes that the chance we’re in ‘base reality’ is rather small; saying it’s almost fact we’re living in a computer program developed by future civilizations. His argument is that computer world simulation is currently developing so fast that soon the difference between simulation and reality will be indistinguishable and therefore there’s a good chance that future civilizations have already developed this technology and put us into their simulation.”

Thank you James..he also gave me this link which explains musk’s theory of a simulated reality. .

Aspects of reality

Could we really be just a computer simulation? Are we just holograms in a virtual reality reality?

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