A new way of looking at consciousness

The concept of human consciousness has been mentioned a lot in my recent posts, especially those concerning our perception of time. It is quite a difficult and ethereal concept, but it is actually the only way that we know we exist.

The question always asked is, is consciousness just part of our physical bodies, evolved and generated from our animal brains? Or is it something else, coming in from outside – part of a bigger picture of the universe? One system or two? This difficult question has been pondered over almost since ancient times.

There is, of course, proof that our consciousness is separable from our  human bodies and goes on after physical death. This is found in phenomena like, near death and out of body experiences, ghosts and spirits and communication with the dead.

Interestingly, listening to a late night radio broadcast the other day, I came across a different way of looking at the concept. The topic was the validity of near death and out of body experiences. Research had been done. The results were there, but not as conclusive as the researcher would have liked. Both sides of the argument had been politely put. (Anti’s believe that it is just the brain playing tricks). The researcher then had the last word. I cannot remember her actual words, it was late at night, but what she said intrigued me. She felt that our consciousness was always all around us.  That is; rather than generating it out, our brain filtered it down. This is a slightly different, but possibly just as valid, way of looking at things. Food for thought anyway.


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  1. On out of body , experiances, I have had one , when aged around 7yrs old , why it happened, ive no idea, but recall floating out and away from myself, moving higher and higher, thinking stop stop stop , and on looking down , could see myself lying on my bed on my back ,arms and legs outstretched, the whole of my bedroom and looking through my bedroom window I could see a part of our garden , it was bathed in sunlight , so it wasn’t at night it was daytime, I recall thinking where am I going it was very scary, I was trying to will myself down and back into myself lying on my bed , I remember praying with every part of me ,begging to go back to myself, Next thing I remember im back within myself , I held on to my self by wrapping my arms around my body to stop myself being raised again , I screamed out for my mother, who came in , asking whats the matter ,nothing I said suddenly feeling foolish , shes not going to believe me, I didn’t want to worry her. So that’s my story , I wouldn’t wish it on anyone .lor espect ,Eddie Lomax.

    • Marian says:

      o WordPress
      Hi Thanks for that stories like that are not so uncommon as you think. People used to be worried about feeling foolish but share more now. Clues to the truth of our reality have always been there but we have almost been taught to disregard them.
      lol m

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