About Marian Matthews

Who is Marian Matthews?

Marian is a woman on a mission. This mission is to explain to people the true nature of the reality that we find ourselves living in, and how using this knowledge can improve our lives and that of others around us.

Her background is not that of a pure academic or scientist, but as an ordinary thinking woman. She is, or has been, wife, mother, grandmother, thinker, student and teacher. She has always had an interest in philosophy, the science of the nature of the universe and spiritual matters. Through her life experiences, she also became a questioner. That is, the one who looks differently at the things around us that most of us take for granted. The topic of  real nature of the reality that we find ourselves living in, and the true mystery of human consciousness have always been fascinating to her. From a very young age she felt and saw things that indicated the reality that we had been taught existed was not, or could not, be the whole story.

Her book, Aspects of Reality – a users guide to the universe,  puts into words all that she has learnt, and come to understand, about the true nature of the reality that we find ourselves living in.

The book has now been  published  by Archive publishing and is available from their web site.

www.transpersonalbooks.com or from Amazon or your local book shop

 Marian can also be contacted via e mail 7aspects@gmail.com

She is also available  to give talks to spiritual and book groups, large or small, formal or informal, about the content and conclusions of the book.  The talk is called Seven Aspects of Reality.




9 Responses to “About Marian Matthews”

  1. Cathie vandenbosch says:

    Hi Marian, wow what a fab website, you’ve got me interested, now its just a matter of time to delve deeper. Catch up soonish. Love C

  2. Lea says:

    Hi Marian,

    I was wondering if you are giving a talk to any groups in the next few months. I would like to learn.

    • Marian says:

      Hi, am giving talks in Dorset, Stapehill Village hall 7th March(Wessex Earth Mysteries), Glastonbury PLG 13th March, PLG Bournemouth 22nd of April. Then a couple of seminars for Bath PLG later in the year. A couple more are pending but dates have not yet been finalised. I probably should put these on my web blog pages!!!! Silly me,I should have thought of this before.
      Where are you geograpically?

  3. Sally Parsons says:

    Hello Marion,
    I run a Positive Living Group covering the Southampton Areas.
    I wondered if you would consider doing a talk on your work and book for us.
    Look forward to hearing from you
    many thanks
    Sally xxx

  4. Alan & Joan Grimaldi says:

    Dear Marian,

    As we were not able to wish you seasons greeting personally and don’t have contact details we will do it via your webb site, hope it works….

    So, Very Best Wishes to you, have a good Christmas and Happy New Year.

    Alan and Joan xx

    • Marian says:

      hi thanks, for that,(just found it) best wishes for the New Year to you both.
      I am on facebook (as is my book) so if you want to message me there I can send you contact details. Or my 7aspects@gmail.com email. Love, light and best wishes
      marian xxx

  5. veda says:

    Hi Marian, i enjoyed your writing, will you ever come to Torbay Devon ? as i would like to hear one of your talks, or workshops? Best Wishes.

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