About My Book – ‘Aspects Of Reality’

coverfront   A many of us may suspect, the evidence is that our reality is not what it seems to be. How can we tell what is really going on? Well, it has been suggested to me that our understanding of reality is like looking at the reflections from an old fashioned glitter ball that hangs from ballroom or disco ceilings. It is above our heads turning the whole time.  It is as it is, but all we can see are reflections or aspects from the many facets that make up the whole. Also what we see depends on where we are standing and what lights are shinning on what facet at the time.Like many people, I had noticed some of the reflections, some of the anomalies and clues that called into question  what we were taught at school or in society.

Aspects of Reality- a user’s guide to the universe

Aspects of reality identifies all the different aspects of our reality that interact and make us us and our life on Earth what it seems to be. This includes, who and what as human beings we really are, science of reality, human consciousness, cosmology, who seems to be in our reality with us and much much more. There are also revealed glimpses of a much bigger and more complex multi dimensional reality that we need to understand to make sense of our lives.

The book  has now been published by Archive Publishing and is available from their web site www.transpersonalbooks.com.

Also for Sale from Amazon and all good bookshops.

It is also available from Amazon kindle store in electronic form.

A shorter version of the book, 7 Aspects of Reality, is also available from the kindle store.

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  1. Steph Weaver says:

    Fascinating read, looking forward to the book.

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