Strange helpers – evidence of ancient aliens

Whilst we are on the topic of who else might be in our reality with us, in particular as regards to  alien helpers,  it is worth looking at clues in our past to see what, if anything, may have been recorded. I found that  there was quite a lot of ancient evidence available when I researched.

Ancient evidence.

  • Ancient writings and reports carved into stone on ancient buildings give us some written clues. Take biblical times, many people feel that some passages of the Old Testament could be re-interpreted to indicate reporting of visitors from the stars.


  • The prophet Ezekiel describes having seen what could have very well been a space ship in 592BC He described a whirlwind coming out of the north, a great cloud and a fire unfolding on itself. He also described the non human passengers who sparkled like burnished brass (space suits?). An account of this is to be found in the fourth book of Ezra. This is one of the documents suppressed, or left, out by the compilers of the bible.


  • Another prophet Enoch, talks about travel to distant worlds in the sky. His book was edited out completely from the bible, and his words were lost to western scholars. They were only rediscovered as the early Abyssinian church had attached the Book of Enoch into its cannon. He is stated to have ascended into the Heavens at the end of his life in a “fiery chariot” It has also been pointed out that references to God or God’s appearing are usually said to be accompanied by wind or fire or noise. This is something that a “real” god would not have to do. The wind, fire, smoke and shaking ground often reported, would happen if a space rocket landed though!


  • Similarly many of inscriptions and wall carvings from ancient times show figures with rays coming out of their heads or what seems like space helmets on. There was a whole art gallery of figures looking like astronauts found by Henri Lhote in the Tassili Mountains in the Sahara.


  • The Aztec and Inca stone ruins also contain many motifs which could be space men or machines. They could of course be purely decorative.


These ancient writings and carvings are obviously open to many interpretations. Classical biblical scholars though the ages would also not necessarily agree with the alternative interpretations. It is to be remembered, however that those looking at these texts in the past would do so in the light of the technical and cultural knowledge of the time. They would have certainly have had no conception of visitors from other planets or space ships.


It is impossible to be definitive as to what the ancients may or may not have seen and recorded. We must always remember that history, especially, ancient history, comes down to us ready interpreted. We simply do not know what went on in ancient times. We may be very accurate in our assumptions, or we may be completely wrong.


The truth is that there may be evidence from the beginning of our records of alien visitation or interference in the affairs of man. Other civilizations before us understood that knowledge and information had been lost. It is only our scientific incarnation that discounts such things. The bible, is a record of history and of men’s lives as well as a religious document. It can be seen to give what could be seen as clues to something else that could be going on than that which the mainstream establishment hold as fact. The truth is that we simply don’t know.


Ancient physical evidence

Many scientists and engineers are now saying that many of the ancient monuments in the middle east, including most famously Egypt and also the temples of South America, simply could not have been constructed without the use of high technology. Temple walls are level to amazing tolerances that could not have been achieved by hand. Huge blocks of stone have been moved and cut which would be difficult even today, with our advanced machinery. This could either mean that our ancestors were more advanced than we give them credit for, or that they had help. The help could have come from alien engineers. The problem is though, where are these tools or technologies? There is now no trace.


I must say though when I visited Luxor Museum many years ago, personally I could not believe that some of the artifacts were made by hand. It seemed inconceivable that they had not been machine tooled.


Other strange physical evidence includes the famous Nasca lines in Peru. This is a vast level tract of ground, with track lines stretching many kilometers. There are also several massive designs of animals of the time, which can only be seen in complete form from the air. Some think that they were runways for space travelers and signs or messages to the “gods “or astronauts.


Alien technology?

There is school of thought existing among some ancient alien specialists today, that some technology now being developed, may have been in existence when these monuments were being built. In particular the laser and the sonic technology and anti gravity technology which is being worked on today. The massive stones may have, and indeed could only have been put into place using anti gravity machines. What was thought of as magic, may have been advanced technology

Some of the weapons described in myths and legends involve spears from which fire sprang. Could they have been lasers? Were the walls of Jericho destroyed by sound waves? The American army and navy are using a sound weapon today in dealing with Somali pirates and in Afghanistan. These technologies may have been brought to help by these “gods” from other worlds. Strangely enough, they may also have been remnants of older civilizations of our world. There is a theory, and some evidence, that civilization has been at our level before and been destroyed. We may never know the truth of these matters. All we can do is try and interpret remaining clues.

It is a very controversial topic..who knows where the real truth lies. What do you think?

Aspects of reality

1- There is evidence of alien interaction in the bible and in the stones of ancient civilizations.

2-There may also be evidence of now lost alien or advanced technology. This was used to create ancient buildings which seem impossible using today’s method.



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