Alien beings, are they really here?

spaceshipsJust at the start of my research I am beginning to identify differences in the alien beings that are said to be among us. There seems to be several, types, shapes and sizes of aliens and their craft that people have recorded. I am told there are at least 8 races that are in direct communication with us, although I have yet to identify them.

There also seems to be, alongside these third dimensional aliens, (as we are) those from higher or multi dimensions.

Some people also believe that alien races  (such as Annunaki) are also those that are inextricably tied up in the history of our species and civilization and are still with us. Those I will look at in more depth when I research the real history of our world.

Anyway before I delve deeper I have a question. Why is it that the official position is denial, but files on the phenomena are often classified or withheld?

Aspects of reality

1- There seem to be many alien races that interact with us, both now and in the past.

2-Why the official cover up?  What have the ” powers that be” got to lose.



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