Alien Cover up?

spaceshipsThere seem to be many recorded encounters  with alien beings though out history, although in olden times they may have been mistaken for Gods. Many people even feel they have been abducted, and have been inside an alien space craft. Some  accounts seems to be from credible witnesses and unfaked photos have been mentioned. Making sense of it all is another matter. What is the truth? What is fantasy or dis information?  More importantly, why?

Looking at all accounts, though, there does seem to be common threads. Craft are seen and photographed, military jets seem to chase or track them, although no accounts are ever in the public record.   Beings seen range from the usual small greys, Adamski’s small being in a space suit and red boots, the giants seen in  Israel, insect like or reptilian beings and various other permutations. Contact always seems to be made telepathically. The why, though, is even more interesting.

The seemingly benign aliens, at least, seem to worry about the state of the Earth and what we are doing to it. The interconnectedness of things and nature seem emphasized. The importance of love is stressed.

The more sinister seem to be collecting tissue samples and even conducting alien/human breeding experiments. Some people think that this is done with government collusion, in exchange perhaps for alien technology.

What does come over very strongly , though , is that our governments know perfectly well what is happening and are either colluding or covering up for their own purposes. Although more information is leaking out to general awareness, the constant official denials and ridicule of those trying to get information out there makes getting at the truth very difficult.

Aspects of reality

1- There is a long history of alleged alien interference in our civilisation.

2-There is a long narrative of alien visitation and abductions in recent history.

3- There is a strong whiff of government collusion in these actions for their own purposes.

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