Aliens – difficult questions

 Before I leave this contentious topic as to whether or not our civilization has been visited or helped by alien races in the past or present, I must end, in the interests of balance,  with some of the difficult questions that people ask.

The difficult questions

Skeptics that do not believe in the possibility of UFOs or alien visitors at all, may ask several hard questions.

  1. Why do some of these witnesses give slightly different accounts of what they see?
  2. Why since the advent of Star Trek and other visual pace science fiction, are more and more people seemingly reporting more sightings?
  3. If we have been visited by aliens, why has this not been acknowledged by government?
  4. Why have they not been on TV or in mainstream media, interviewed on the radio? What do they look like.


Firstly, there is an interesting possible explanation for points 1 and 2.


If you may remember, we perceive the world around us by way of our sense organs. The information we receive from our senses is then synthesized by our brain into coherent patterns. How we interpret the world is very dependent on the quality of both those organs and the capacity and skill of our brain. It will also interpret things in relation to that which we already have experienced. Both our brain and our sense organs (eyes ears etc) are limited. There may be many things in the world around us that our primitive organs are simply not perceiving properly. In seeing some thing strange our brain simply interprets it to us the best it can. It does this having searched through our “data base”, to compare it to something we can recognize. People do see what they expect to see. This also explains how in ordinary life, people who give eyewitness accounts of the same event will report something slightly different from each other. This would be particularly noticeable with something completely strange and new, like sighting a UFO .


Also, why did people not always see these strange ships or alien visitors? Why do they seem to do so now? The answer is quite simple. People have always seen strange things but did not always have the words to describe them. Our brains now have the images and words for what it thinks it can see. The advent of science fiction in the media has helped to put these patterns into our subconscious mind. The ancients described what they saw with words and concepts that they knew. A space ship may have been a winged chariot. We now see the same thing and call it a space ship, because that concept is in our consciousness.


There is a lovely story which I have come across recently. I do not know if it is true or just a nice myth. Anyway it does illustrate the point of all that I am trying to say concerning this topic. Allegedly when Columbus’s ships were on the way to America they called at a primitive island. They dropped anchor off shore. The island natives did not know such things as very large ships existed, so they actually could not see them ( no template in their brain). They could however see the ripples or disturbances that the ships made. The Shaman (wise man) puzzled and meditated on the disturbances and gradually was able to see what caused them. He then showed the rest of the tribe who, because they trusted the Shaman, began to see the ships as well. We have to ask, what else is around us that we cannot see because we have no template in our minds for it?


Secondly, the answers to points 3 and 4 are more difficult to answer. There are those people who would claim that they know exactly what an alien visitor looks like, and have posted pictures in specialist media and on the Internet. There are descriptions of Aliens of all shapes and sizes. Some even look like giant insects. There are also people that claim they have been abducted or interfered with some how by aliens. For instance, Whitley Strieber, in his book Communion, encounters with the unknown, describes such happenings over a period of years. On the cover of this book is a picture of a bald grayish oval faced creature, with huge slanting eyes and a pointed chin. I think this race of aliens crop up quite a lot and are known as “the grays”. This seems to have no official acknowledgement though. If encounters happen as frequently as suggested, you would think that mainstream media would have broadcast pictures of some aliens, at least.


Not withstanding that, there are things that have happened to people that have no proper worldly explanation. There are those who believe that governments has already made contact with alien races and is covering it up for their own purposes (probably defense). All I will say that, at this point in time it is very hard to dis tangle the truth of the matter.


Alien danger

It is worth noting a word of caution though. Any alien race with the capacity to visit or communicate with us, must be even more advanced than we are. Even on our own planet, history shows us time and time again, that when a developed race meet an relatively less developed race it is always bad news for the latter. They are taken over or exploited in some way. Certainly almost always interfered with, according to the conquerors standards. This is particularly true when the former are war like, greedy or just feel that their interests must come first. Do not forget, white settlers considered black Africans a sub -species and in some cases treated them like animals not so very long ago. Stronger alien races could think the same as us and just want to strip our mineral wealth and resources. To many developed races our world with its inequality, poverty and seemingly perceptual wars and squabbles would seem very primitive and backward. The famous cosmologist, Stephen Hawking has voice his unease at this matter.


It may be better just to keep our heads down and remain unnoticed in the cosmos. This may be too late however. There are at least two probes that we have sent traveling across the universe that have information on them which identifies us, and where we have come from. In 1992 Pioneer 10 was sent out from earth on a voyage of exploration. It is now over 13 Billion kilometers from earth and traveling towards a red star in the constellation of Taurus. There is a plaque on its side giving a map of where it had come from, and also a representation of us as humans and a representation of an hydrogen atom. Similarly, Voyager 1, now even further away, has a disc with representations of life on Earth. We could be traceable!!!!!

Aspects of reality

  • We are too far away from the nearest star of planetary system to make contact ourselves.
  • Some people feel that there is evidence that we are not alone and have been visited throughout the ages by extra terrestrial visitors.
  • Some people feel that humanity has even been interfered with historically, either shown how to organize ourselves, or even that we have been upgraded into intelligence by interference in the human genome.
  • Inter dimensional travelers may be a possibility.
  • There has been no official acknowledgement of the existence of, or contact with any alien races.
  • Aliens may be all around us that we cannot see due to our limited sense organs or the filtering out by our subconscious mind.
  • If there are superior races out there, we must hope they do not want to colonize us.


I myself have not positively seen a definite inter dimensional being or an alien of any type. But all my life, I have felt or seen the ripples and known that they were there. I have known subconsciously that the world we are taught exists is nowhere near the whole story. Are we alone? Are there other dimensions and beings around us that we cannot see? Are we a product of Alien intervention? Has human civilization had help, and for what purpose? What does this mean for the big picture? The questions go on and on. How can we properly make sense of any of it?

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