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When looking at the vexed question of whether we have been visited by aliens from other worlds, the general public will tend to ask where the hard evidence of this is. Believers would say that there is evidence there if you look for it. I did look at some ancient evidence in a previous post on  (Strange helpers-evidence of ancient aliens). Now I am going to look at more modern evidence.

Modern clues

  •  It was in 1944 that non aggressive “foo fighters” were reported buzzing and flying in formation with allied planes in the second world war. These were balls of light. Were they UFO’s or prototype enemy weapons? No one seems to know to this day. It is rumored that the Germans were attempting to produce a type of magnetic weapon.
  • In 1947 the first sightings of flying discs began to be reported in America. There were over 1500 reports of daylight sightings that year.
  • In the famous Roswell area 51 case, when there were reports of crashed space ship and dead aliens, it was officially maintained that crashed weather balloons must have been mistaken for spaceships.
  • Air force officers that reported seeing strange lights, were told that they had mistaken fire flies trapped on their windscreens.
  • In 1966 sightings of a UFO landing in Michigan were dismissed as swamp gas.
  • A close friend reported to me that someone they knew in the South African Air Force often saw strange thing in the sky when flying that simply should not be there. He and his colleagues learnt to say nothing for fear of demotion, ridicule or even losing their jobs.
  • There were the strange cases of farmers reporting mysterious cattle mutilations at the time of UFO activity also. No convincing explanation was ever given for these.
  • Many members of the public do report seeing strange craft or phenomena.
  • Many do believe they have been abducted by or communicated with human like aliens, especially the so called “greys”. There is a vast literature on this subject.


These are just a few examples that exist, there are many many more. Credible witnesses were time and time again ignored or discredited. People are, in the end, concerned about upsetting the status quo or standing out from the crowd. The sheer volume of recorded credible sighting by sensible people, especially those people that had no interest in the phenomena until they saw something, however cannot wholly be ignored.

Possible alternative explanations

What else could have really  been going on?

  • As I understand it, Roswell was not far from Area 51, the secret USAF base. There is a strong suspicion that the US government were using the cloak of UFO sightings to cover up the testing of its own experimental aircraft. This was especially true in the Cold War.
  •  At the same time it was ridiculing the phenomena. Why? One explanation is quite simply that they were using alien technology and could not admit to it. In doing so they would lose their defense advantage.
  •  Were there also “real” UFO’S that were visiting? Was this just a gigantic double bluff? It is simply impossible to tell. Also, if national governments were to admit to visitors from other worlds it would change the status quo and would undermine too much self interest.
  • There are similar stories in the UK. Credible sensible witnesses being ignored or hushed up. People are also being afraid to report things for fear of ridicule. It may just be a covering up of our own government’s defense experimental craft, or it may be something completely different. We cannot actually  know.
  • As people say time and time again, there has not been one example of an actual alien shown on the TV!!!!!!

Why no media coverage?

Why these things are not reported in the media if they are still happening?  For instance, they were extensively recorded in the American media at one time. The topic seems to have been dropped or ridiculed. They are however  reported extensively on the Internet and in specialist publications. But,  mainstream press does seem to ignore such phenomena these days.

You must remember however that the news that is reported to us is never the whole story about everything. Topics are picked up and dropped by our press and media according to hyped news values and fashion. Still considered cranky or silly or dangerous by the powers that be the topic is, with occasional exceptions, ignored. It is worth bearing in mind that the media empires are controlled by a very few powerful mainstream moguls. The answer may be more sinister even than that though. The topic may have been officially suppressed. It may also have just been discarded because it is thought too silly.


The Truth?

The fact that even with all the anecdotal and Internet publications, there is no hard mainstream evidence coming forward, is a problem for those who maintain that aliens are indeed amongst us. There are those who will never believe in the phenomena until a little green man is interviewed on news at 10!!!

As before mentioned in previous posts and comments though, there may be other explanations.

  •  Aliens may be indeed around us but we cannot see them. This may be because they are vibrating at different frequencies than we are, and  our limited  sense organs cannot usually detect them.
  • They may not look anything like humanoid, they may be around us but we do not recognise them as such.
  • If they come from another dimension, then as 3d beings we could only see 4d creatures in fragments or strange shapes.
  • The conspiracy theorists are right and there is a massive and high level cover up!!!!!

Aspects of reality

People have always seen strange craft historically and in more modern times. The truth seems to be either ignored or covered up.


2 Responses to “Aliens -modern sightings”

  1. Nick Allen says:

    Hi Marian, here’s a thing that might take some explaining!

    Isn’t it a huge coincidence that despite coming fom billions of miles away, from a planet unrelated to ours, the ‘Greys’ have a similar body plan to ours. You know, 4 limbs, stand upright, eyes at the top – same size as us, etc etc. Look at all the millions of available body plans on earth available! Tails, multi-limbs, alternate body shapes like dogs or fish or beetles or mice. And that jus a start – ON THIS PLANET!! No, greys look like us because someone on Earth thought them up!

    A real ‘alien’ would not resemble us. The film ‘Alien’ is more accurate with something weird and very big. Folk have spent too much time watching Star Trek where every alien is a bloke with a bit of make-up on!

  2. Marian says:

    Yes..why should they look like us? Why should they be oxygen based or humanoid at all? If they do exist, they may not even have physical bodies as we would recognise them.They may be totally unable to comunicate with us in a way we would recognise.
    I think it is time for a proper debate or search.
    Much as I love star trek I agree that it may have skewed our thinking, as they all look human and speak english!!!!!!
    I would love to speak to someone who feels they have actually been in communication.
    Having said that I had a strange dream the other day which I am about to post.

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