Reality of creation theories-the alternatives

As well the more conventional theories about creation and reality, there are also many interesting variations and alternatives. Other cultures than ours also, of course, have their own creation myths. Whilst the scientific theories seem accepted on a world wide basis, there are obvious differences on the religious and cultural theories about the origins of the universe. There are sometimes strong similarities to our own, however.

Alternative theories

There are many variations on the theme of a creator God or Gods. What follows is just a few of them. It is not a comprehensive list, just those that have come to my attention.

Firstly; The aboriginals of Australia have a mother goddess that woke up the spirits of the plants and animals, then man, and placed them on the earth. She then went into the sky and became the sun.

Secondly; The Japanese have the tradition of a muddy watery earth. This then acquired a gem of life which then grew green shoots and became the Gods that created vegetation . The Gods then married and had children, which populated the earth.

Thirdly; Some cultures have myths of people living below the earth and then coming up by ladders to populate and earth, which already was furnished with plants and animals. According to the Hopi Indians, there have been four levels of creation. The fourth is now coming to an end and the fifth is beginning.

What these three have in common with our creation story, and each other, is that the world was already created and furnished with plants and animals which man, when he arrived, was able to take advantage of.

The Jewish Kabbalah has an interesting pre Big Bang creation theory. It begins with Ain, unmanifest potential. Then becoming Ain Sof, limitless expansion. Turning into Ain Sof Aur, Limitless light. This then contracted and became the singularity that exploded and triggered creation. Is this likely? It is certainly unprovable, but just as reasonable as an alternative as others scientific or religious offered. It does explain where the energy of the big bang came from though.

Similarly Wicca States “Before time was, there was the One; The One was all, and all was The One. And the vast expanse known as the universe was The One all-wise-all-pervading,all powerful, eternally changing”
Wicca then maintains that the energy was then molded into twin forms. A God and Goddess were created. They formed energy into gasses. Gasses into planets, suns and moons. The seeds of life were then planted.(Wicca by Scott Cunningham)

Ain and The One..are they Gods or designers or universal consciousnesses? Certainly Science has no proper explanation for pre Big Bang. That energy must have come from somewhere..This has some of the same stands as Kabbalah, (The Ain which became the universe)Or even our Christian God.(another supreme entity, all knowing all seeing) But note the seeds of life are planted, they do not happen by accident.

Spiraling Torson

Other, non spirit driven, ideas of creation include Spiraling Torsion. This is a theory that sees energy traveling in a circular form, until it catches a line in space. This is an antenna like network, utilizing or connecting to points and arrangements. These lines are guidance systems that draw other connecting lines. These lines connect in space as sacred geometry. This then forms a multidimensional hologram and then collects the energy that enables matter to be gathered and become intelligent substance.

Manifestation of collective consiousness

Similarly there is a body of thought that I have come across (as in The Secret History of the world by Jonathan Black, for example) that believes creation came about merely by the focusing of a consciousness. The theory is that mind proceeded matter. That matter was formed from thoughts. Thoughts became proto matter, then energy, then liquids then solids. Then life began. It started as a simple web of one cell vegetation. This mutated and grew and eventually settled, after soft body and hybrid forms, into the man and animals and biosphere that exist today. All of creation may then be just a manifestation of our collective consciousness.


This is not a complete or whole story. The alternative theories and comparisons made are just what my personal experience and education and discussions have led me to. There are no doubt more. All of them have elements of logic just as strong as our “conventional” religious theories. It becomes, in the end, just a question of faith.

Has science proved God or Gods a myth? Surprisingly this is not necessarily so. Science does not explain where the original singularity came from. Until science can explain how matter can spontaneously materialize out of nothing then the existence of a God or an intelligent designer cannot be totally disproved.

We simply do not know what is the absolute truth about the origins of the universe. There are more questions than answers, even in the scientific model of reality.

The alternatives above are just a few that have come to my attention. If anyone has any more, I would love to know.



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