Ancient aliens- chinese chariots

chinese aliensSightings of, and interaction with, aliens is not a new phenomena. It seems to have been happening through out recorded time. Ancient legends give clues. Not only do ancient Chinese myths mention flying carts, winged chariots, flown by 1 or 3 eyed men, but Drona Parva, a Sanskrit text, describes what sounds like aerial dogfights between” Gods” in flying machines called vimanas. Alexander the Great allegedly reported that his army was harassed by two flying objects in 329 BC.Many ancient  stone carvings in cultures all over the world show figures that could be interpreted as aliens in space suits or  spaceships.

Another example that is often given is that of Prophet Ezekciel in the Christian bible. His much quoted vision of a bronze vessel descending with four  winged creatures with four wheeled vehicles is often interpreted as a UFO. NASA engineers trying to debunk this in 1968 were, surprisingly, able to see from his description of what he saw. a possible viable craft.

Are these just myths that we have interpreted with modern eyes? Or are they proof that we have been visited and interfered with through out time by visiting alien races? What do you think?

Aspects of reality

As ever, clues to our ancient extra terrestrial visitors are there if people choose to believe them.

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  1. Judith says:

    Hi Marian
    I read your short blog (Dec 16th) with interest. When I was 16 I read Von Danicken’s (probably not spelt correctly) books and at that time was convinced.
    54 years have now passed!
    I am a keen dowser and through this interest I have come across Graham Hancock’s works. (Fingerprints of the Gods)
    I now think the precession of the equinoxes, and the occasional shifting of polarity of the poles with the subsequent global devastation this causes to be a far more plausible explanation for ‘ancient aliens’.
    It would appear , says Hancock, that the remnants of an ancient race spread across the world after the last such disaster and tried to help mankind. Pyramids, Nazca lines, megalithic sites all seem to be evidence of ancient technology that is sometimes attributed to ancient aliens since we cannot accept the possibility of a technically advanced ancient humanoid race pre-existing us on this planet. We cling to the ‘descended from apes’ theory as presented to us two centuries ago.
    There is growing DNA evidence that although our ancestors were indeed ape like, we cross bred with several humanoid races, and the ‘ancient alien DNA is more likely, I believe, to come from this ancient race, the remnants of which had survived the last polar change. It ould seem the planet was more like ‘The Hobbit’ after the last polar shift, with several humanoid species, and these shall we call them ascended masters. Who according to many ancient legends repeated world-wide arrived in a ‘craft’ on water.
    But returning to your glitter ball theory I am just looking at a different aspect. I wonder what you think about Hancock’s work?

    • Marian says:

      Hi Thanks for your interesting comment. Sorry to be so late in replying away from my desk and was in a poor internet area.
      Your thinking seems to be on the same lines as mine which is good. I am just about to get into hancock, von danken etc , but the more I research the stranger it all becomes. Where we actually came from seems stranger and stranger!!!

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