Angels- a completely different view

angel-of-lightWell, well, well, the debate about the real nature of angels took another twist last week.  One of my regular readers came up with an interesting new slant on the subject.

JL  said “We anthropomorphize mystical forces to give our lives meaning.”

Anthropomorphize means- to ascribe human characteristics to things not human.

Unless I have misunderstood, this acknowledges that there are mystical forces there in existence but, in the same way that we see pet behaviors and judge their behavior in human terms, we may be putting a recognizable quasi human form on forces that are actually beyond our understanding.

Interesting slant, could he be right- what do you think?

Aspects of reality

Although we acknowledge that angels exist and quantify their behavior in human terms. We may be completely wrong. They may just be beyond our basic understanding.


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