Angels- a last word- both sides of the argument.

angel-of-lightWell, more controversy than I expected about Angels. There are many people that see and work with them, but also those who doubt their very existence. I quoted David Russell  a few weeks ago, ( Post-Do angels exist at all?) who does not believe in things he cannot see for himself. I am sure there are many who agree with him.

Then there was the  interesting quote from JL  “We anthropomorphize mystical forces to give our lives meaning.”  (Post-Angels another view). That is, that there is something there but we humanize it and see what we think of as angels when they may be something completely different.

A couple of weeks ago then SH told us all about her experience of working with angels. ( Post-So angels do exist after all.)

So, Angels, are they messengers from God or an intelligent designer of some sort? Could they be a different form of evolution, alien entities, or mystical forces that we have given shape as we be do not really understand them? What is the truth of the matter?

As ever, we will only really know the truth when we know the complete big picture.

Aspects of reality

Along side of the religious view of angels there are many other theories about what type of being they actually could be.

2 Responses to “Angels- a last word- both sides of the argument.”

  1. Tonia says:

    Angels are messengers from heaven to earth. In Native american spirituality those from the bird clan are considered messengers from heaven to earth so in a sense there are such things as living angels according to my ancestors theory 😉

    • Marian says:

      Thanks Very Interesting..native American spirituality is something that I really need to explore…
      Could i talk to you about it properly sometime?

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