Angels- conclusion

conventional angelComing now to the end my long thread on Angels. As ever it has expanded and expanded, as readers of my posts have commented and further insights have been generated. This post is titled conclusion, but until we are really enlightened we cannot really know the whole truth.

Angels seem to be spirit beings, of a finer vibration than us, that can sometimes show themselves to humanity in human form or the winged creatures, or beings of light that we expect them to be. The question is though, where do they come from? They do seem to be here to help humanity, apart from the dark Angels of course. Are they ;-

-Messengers from  a supreme being.

-Just another branch of evolution.

– Part of our collective consciousness  in generating our reality.

-Alien beings sent to help us

Or as some people believe, just figments of our imagination.

Aspects of reality

Angels are a class of beings that seem to inhabit our reality with us. What their true nature is, is another matter.

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