Angels in Islam

ghostsBefore moving on from my thread on Angels, I thought that I would look at what other faiths thought about them. Although we tend to think of Angels being part of Christianity and Judaism, in fact a belief in Angels is one of the 6 fundamentals of Islamic faith. there are many Angel stories in Islam. They are seen generally as we see them, beings of light or winged messengers. They are created by God, above man and above the other spirits that wander the Earth.

According to some research that I did on line, Muslims believe that angels record the deeds of men on earth, both good and bad. When a person’s spirit leaves the physical word, angels receive the soul on its journey to the afterlife. Each Muslim is said to have two guardian angels, one for the day and one for the night, who both watch over the person and record her deeds for final judgment.

Aspects of reality

Belief in angels is not just a factor of Christianity.  Islam also embraces them but looks at them slightly differently.





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