Annunaki- our alien DNA?

Sumerian-Texts-4-Cylinder-Seal-1024x590 No discussion about aliens can leave out the possibility of historic alien intervention in humanities genesis. For instance, there is a school of thought that the history of the world, as we have been taught it is completely wrong.

Our current Homo Sapiens city civilisation is supposed to have begun at Sumer in Mesopotamia around 6000 years ago. This was alledgely surprising advanced and seemed to come from nowhere.

The real story is supposed to be that about 432,000 years ago  members of an advanced civilization from a mysterious 10th planet, with a 3600 year orbit ( Nibiru?), in our solar system splashed down in the Persian gulf. These were the Annunaki.  Their goal was to mine our mineral resources, especially our gold. In about 250,000 BC their miners revolted and the higher echelon decided to genetically alter the local population (Homo Erectus) to create a slave race. They merged primitive man with their genes and we became Homo Sapiens. We bred and became numerous and spread out over the rest of the planet. We also bred with the Annunnaki, so in fact we are hybrid hybrids.

Most of this population was wiped out by the great flood that happened when Nibiru returned close to us again. Enough were saved for us to begin again. Before returning to their own planet they then helped to set up, teach and guide the emerging civilization in the middle east. Their presence is documented on the stones of that city.

Although the above scenario is considered by some to be the true story of our origins, many scholars do disagree. They say that  Annunaki, and different variations of that spelling, were nothing more than Gods in the early middle east civilization. They say that the source material actually tells a completely different story. Some people even believe that they were watchers or angels sent from God to help early man.

Tall tale? Perhaps, but all I can say is that the jump from man ape to complex and abstract thinking being has not been properly explained, certainly there was no need for it in pure evolutionary terms.

If this is true then we all have alien DNA in our bodies. We are all aliens.

Aspects of reality

Could this really be the truth of our biological origins? A great many people think so.


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