Another slant on consciousness


 Having thought that I had finished with my consciousness theme, yet  another interesting slant on the whole thing came to my attention.  Consciousness is a vital clue in our search for the truth about reality. It may be as mistake, though, just to  think of it just as something that happens in our physical brains. There are many who believe it  concerns  not only who we are as individuals on this Earth but who we are at deeper levels and who we are  as cosmic beings.

One such is David Russell he states that;

 ” Consciousness exists on many levels. The mind is like a pond where all the activity appears to be on the surface level. That is the thinking level which we use on a day-to-day basis. However, whilst it might be the level on which we express who we are, it is not the level where we actually exist. Going back to the pond analogy, below the surface level of the pond/mind there are deeper levels in which there is also activity. We are not aware of these levels because our attention is permanently fixed upon the surface level since it is where we interact with our perceived reality. It is in the levels just below the surface level of the mind that we exist as personalities, as people. At the deepest depths of the pond we exist as Cosmic Beings since that is where we and everything starts. Although we might not be aware of it, we are not trapped in the surface level of the pond. The mind is ours to do with as we wish and there are many ways to experience deep levels of consciousness. However, the most systematic method to get to know yourself absolutely and completely is through meditation. Wellies on because we are going back to the pond. How do thoughts appear on the surface of the pond? Where do they come from? Thoughts start at the deepest levels of the mind with an impulse that produces tiny bubbles. These rise towards the surface becoming more coherent and cohesive as they do so until they reach the surface and we become aware of them. The action of thought can, therefore, be seen as being from deep within outwards. Meditation works in the opposite direction. Using a medium like a mantra we get to experience thoughts at earlier and earlier stages in their development. Meditation only works to its fullest extent if it is practised regularly, twice a day every day. Through regular meditation we not only get to experience everything that we are but everything that we might be. As we experience the levels of consciousness on which we exist as people we become familiar with everything that we are. On the first page of The Emerald Tablets of Tristmagestus the phrase “Know thyself shall be the whole of the law’ appears 15 times. It refers not only to knowing yourself as a person but knowing yourself for what you really are — a glowing thread in the Cosmic tapestry.”

 Wonderful analogy, very interesting and insightful stuff, check out his website

On his web site David Russell offers a very simple, easy and effective meditation technique that is free for the asking and comes as two pdfs. There is no discipline, doctrine, religion or rules attached to the meditation and it does not demand masses of your time — just 20 minutes twice a day. Although this technique draws on an extremely ancient tradition, it is specially designed for those who are living in the western world and it is judged not on the meditation experiences (which can be extremely beautiful) but on the effects it has on on your life. He has practiced this meditation technique himself for 45 years and can personally vouch for its effectiveness. At the bottom of every page on the web site there is a box about the meditation pdfs.



Thanks David;  He is involved in something very interesting called the Global Brain Project. Next week I will explain what that is and how you can all get involved.







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