Another view of Karma

karma 2As ever, David Russell ( has a wonderful overall view of Karma, not necessarily as an individual thing, but as a universal force. This is on a different scale than I discussed last week.

He says ” Karma is the law of action/reaction. Every action, thought or word produces an effect that vibrates outwards into the Cosmos. When that vibration hits an obstacle it returns to its creator as karma. Karma is an essential and unavoidable element in every life. Most of us call it luck. Karma comes in many shades and colours. It ebbs and flows, sometimes good, sometimes not so good and sometimes (the best times) seemingly not there at all. There is only one way to overcome karma but it is not within the scope of most of us. Nor is there any way to penetrate its depths. Karma is an ineffable and apparently mysterious force within all our lives and the only thing to do is grin and bear it.”

Aspects of reality

Karma is a force bound up fundamentally in our reality.



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