Are we really alone?

Sumerian-Texts-4-Cylinder-Seal-1024x590The idea that aliens from other planets are among us, and even interfering with humanity, is not a new one. It is one that I am only just beginning to research though, and any input from from those that are more knowledgeable would be much appreciated.

Very surprisingly, I find that evidence of alien communication is not a new phenomena.

Interestingly enough, not only do, what is considered the first proper civilization on Earth, the Sumerians, have carvings in stone that some people believe showed aliens helping them set up organized society, but there are also references to visitors from space in the bible.

For instance: Old Testament Prophet Ezekiel, in 593BC, described what many interpret as a spaceship descending from the sky.

Every bit of “evidence” is of course very much contested, but the topic will not go away.

Follow me on this journey to try and sift though the available evidence and personal testimony that is out there.

Aspects of reality

The evidence of alien interference in our past is recorded on stone and historical writings.

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