Aspects of our reality- could we actually be holograms?

There has been lots of discussion recently about about the nature of the universe and the human race. One of the interesting possibilities lately raised is that we, and all around us may be nothing more than holograms. We feel so solid and the world around looks so real, how could this be possible?


Two aspects of reality

There are two aspects of reality in contention here. They are the mind/body conundrum and the reality of human construction.


Mind/ body conundrum

Firstly, as discussed in my June posts, in particular “the reality of us-mind and body conundrum, parts one and two, I discussed that all we feel we know of us and the world around us is felt only through our sense organs and processed through our minds. It is only though these minds that we know we exist at all. All of the world around us could be an illusion. After all the mind and body can be shown to be two systems, not one. It is quite possible that our physical bodies and the physical universe may be totally different from what we perceive them to be.


Human construction.

Secondly, If we are physical beings, as we presume we are, then what are our bodies made of? The answer is, on the truly fundamental level, our bodies, indeed all living things, are constructed from different types of cells. The cells themselves are made from complex chemical compounds.

These chemical compounds are themselves constructed fundamentally from many different molecules. Every molecule consists of combinations of the atoms. Atoms are the basic building blocks of everything in the physical universe.


Atomic structure

Atoms themselves were found to consist of different combination of smaller particles called protons, neutrons and electrons (plus some very weird particles which need not concern us here).

This may sound reassuringly solid, but then you have to consider what these smaller particles are actually themselves made of. It was subsequently discovered that electrons protons and neutrons were themselves were all made up of other of smaller vibrating particles of energy called quarks. Now there appears to be several different types and sizes of quarks. These quarks are just different sorts of pulses of energy.


Energy beings in an energy matrix

As the cells that our bodies are made of at base of nothing more than these atoms in different combinations. All we are is energy pulses in combination .That cannot be stressed enough. We, and the world around us, are ultimately made of vibrating pulses of energy and lots of empty space. What ever our actual origins, the reality is that we and all the universe are actually just vibrating energy. Is that the same as a hologram? We are part of a gigantic energy field. We humans are electrical beings within this field. This is mainstream scientific fact and is the results of decades of experiment and observation by the cream of scientific minds. How could this affects our understanding of reality?


The illusion of solidity

Why do we feel solid? Apparent solidity, I am told, is a matter of comparative densities. Things of a denser atomic structure ( a bigger nucleus and more electrons) are apparently more solid than those comparatively less dense. My desk feels solid because the atomic structure of the compounds that make up the wood are stronger/denser than the piece of paper on my desk. This is, theoretically, why my paper does not fall though the desk. What about us? Why don’t we merge into things of a similar density to ourselves? I am told that our molecules are attracted to each other and exclude normal particles of other material from the space around them. High energy particles can get through. Eg. A bullet can pass through a body.



As we are just, at one level, beings of pure energy, then the hologramatic universe theory seems to become a more and more credible possible aspect of reality. This is fascinating, because if it is true then a whole lot of other questions about our reality are then generated. If we are holograms, then where are the originals? Who could be operating the machinery? Who has created the hologram? Why do we exist at all?



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