Astrology and Karma?

AstrologyWouldn’t you know it! Having decided to finish my Karma thread and move on to re-incarnation, someone made a comment that opened up a whole new area of thought on the subject.

Aqua man (mike) on G+ thanked me for my last post and mentioned that he had got into Karma via astrology. I then ask him how.

He said “Saturn in the natal chart is the main significator of karma. If it forms a difficult aspect, especially to the personal planets, this shows difficult karma incurred from bad living, usually from previous life. Saturn was known in western astrology as a malefic planet.It is known to cause delays,frustrations, burdens, suffering.Wherever it is placed in the birthchart difficulties occur.  7th house; personal relationships, 10th; career. etc,etc. No one has a perfect life and Saturn shows the sphere of life where difficulty lies. If well aspected, these difficulties are understood and accepted, and life gives the person tools to deal with negative circumstances, if badly aspected, life will not and the person will find the same themes repeating in their life. This is only a summary”.


Aspects of reality

-Astrology can indicate the Karma from past lives.

2-If this is true then the assumption is that we have lived many lives.

2- It also indicates a universal balance which Karma helps to maintain.

karma 2


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  1. Petra says:

    Very interesting, and I find this to be an accurate reflection based on a few charts that come to mind. Thanks for posting this! I will think about it some more.

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