Basic manifestation

Dreams are created one choice at a time

Dreams are created one choice at a time

Can we actually alter our personal reality? Well, almost certainly but perhaps not in the way that we think we do. It has been pointed out to me that changing our personal reality may not involve mysterious forces at all, some times it is just a matter of changing our perception.

Life on Earth is both complex and interactive. Our mind and memory sifts out the millions and trillions of bits of information that living in the world bombards us with. We choose, to an extent, the reality that we are aware of. On one level changing our reality may be as simple as changing our perceptions of what is going on around us. It may be also just a matter of putting the fix on on what we want. Once we have done that the path to obtaining it often becomes clearer. This can be seen as manifestation on a basic level.

Aspect of reality

Our human brain is so complex we may just be changing our perceptions rather than actually changing our reality.

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