Body regeneration- one for the healers or medical profession.

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Something came up on Facebook the other day that showed how long it took parts of our physical bodies to regenerate themselves. It all happens within two years apparently. In that time frame every cell of our body has been replaced. For instance, it said that the liver takes 6 weeks and bones take 3 months.

What struck me was, if that is so, why does the body copy the mistakes? Why are faults and injuries replicated? Would it be medically possible to correct the mistakes at the cellular level? Is anyone working on that? The alternative healing practitioner generally seek to re-balance the spirit body at an energetic level, which is part way towards that. My question is, what is the medical profession doing to go back to these basics? The cynic in me says that it is not in big phama’s interest to do so.

What do you think?


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  1. Erica Brown says:

    The past trauma is locked into our energy levels, which over time condense into our physical matter. If physical treatments don’t work, maybe working to release trapped energies may be more effective in treating intractable physical conditions

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