Book review Aspects of reality


This is fresh and vibrant book written for the questioning layperson on the nature of human consciousness, the universe and our place within it as sentient and curious beings. Marian asks some difficult questions and she answers others. She does not shy away from the challenge, but engages and provokes the reader. What makes this book so special are Marian’s own observations on the nature of reality and its bearing on human thought and action. Here we have a compendium of ideas and knowledge of all the meta physical to enlighten and excite.

Sandra Cane

Author and lecturer


Jackie May

Have you ever wondered? Really wondered what life is all about? Marian Matthews has always questioned whether what we have been taught in schools, by science and by mainstream religion is the whole truth or not the truth at all.

Join her in this insightful exploration into the various world views about who or what this life on earth is all about.

Marian writes in an informal everyday way which helps to demystify the sometimes complex issues.

I found it fascinating that quantum physics is now giving us scientific proof for many of the spiritual teachings that we have nowadays, including the idea that we can choose our own reality, that our thoughts can affect o0ur lives and that on a deeper level we are all truly one.

Jacqueline May  Holistic Coach and Trainer.