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The reality of our individual purpose

In my post –The reality of our origins- why are we here?-I looked at the different possibilities of how we, as race, arrived here in this reality. The alternatives were; through a creative designer or God, randomly via blind evolution,seeded by aliens or manifested by ourselves.  For me though, the intriguing thing is, what I am doing here ? Why did I chose to incarnate in this reality?  Why does anyone?

Not withstanding the other alternatives, I believe that it all comes down to soul experience/ development and of course a possible mission. Like so many, I know that there is something particular I came to do this time. What it is may be a different matter. We all have a rough plan. Some missions are small but vital, some missions may be just in helping someone else to achieve theirs. Some missions may be on the grand scale. Or perhaps we are just background for a bigger picture. How do we know what ours are?

Since my 40’s I have felt a growing instinctive sense of mission, a mission to communicate about the nature of our reality to the widest possible audience.

I do not know if I am succeeding or failing, I may have already communicated to the one vital person, to help them in their mission. Or I may have been wasting my time altogether.

All I can say is when ever I feel that I am getting nowhere and will stop, I get nudged by the universe, so I must be still on my  pre planned path. It is the nudges and signs that keep me going.

What is your mission?



The reality of our origins, why are we here?

In trying to do my jigsaw about the truth of our reality, and how it functions, I am always surprised on the direction my research takes me. For instance, there are so many clues there in plain sight that the narrative we have been taught about our origins is flawed, or completely wrong. The ancient alien posts are a case in point, we may have been seeded here by an alien race or genetically altered to become human, but other topics too raise more questions than answers.

Also, at the beginning of my search I asked myself who actually are we, as human beings, and what are we really doing here?  The answer to the first question is, at base, energy beings (with consciousness and/or a soul) living in an energy matrix. The question that I have probably not yet addressed properly is, what are we doing here?

The answer to that, as a race of beings, depends largely on your belief system, of course. There are four main alternatives that I am aware of.

  • We have been placed here by a God or an intelligent designer of some sort, and will be judged on our actions in life.
  • We are a completely random evolutionary accident.
  • We chose to incarnate here from beyond creation to develop our souls and experience physical life.
  • We may have been placed here, or genetically altered, by alien races from beyond the stars.

Has anyone else got any different ideas?


Positively Renewing our reality

Every morning we reset ourselves. Every experience, thought, thing seen, interaction and act combine to remake our consciousness, however slightly. We are different people every day.
Lets stop making it almost accidental, and make it conscious and deliberate. Lets reset positively every morning to be the best versions of ourselves that we can be.
Let the positive vibes roll!!!!

The game of life

Fundamental questions about our reality are, by their very nature, unanswerable.  Sometimes a random conversation triggers an unexpected train of thought, which leads to surprising insights. Someone asked me if I thought that everyone around us, in our reality, was actually real. As some of you may know, it has often been a suspicion of mine that some people are not.
After all we are at base nothing more than beings of light, holograms really, with only our consciousness making us human. Anything is possible.
Anyway, my answer was that I have always thought of our reality as an interactive video game. In our game some people are “real” and players and some are just cast members, part of the makeup of the game. All of our realities intertwine. We may be cast members in other’s reality.
What do you think? Also, how can we tell?

Doing the big reality jigsaw

jigsawI have found that trying to understand about the true nature of our reality is like doing a gigantic jigsaw in my head. Unfortunately there is no useful picture to work with! Sometimes I manage to put some bits together, and sometimes I think I have the straight edges  right. The problem is, of course, that whatever we think, our reality is at least 3D and almost certainly multidimensional. Also, as I say in my talks, we as humans are limited beings, constrained by the quality of our sense organs and the ability of our brains to make sense of what we do detect.

I may never succeed in what I am trying to do. After all, what do I know? I am just a layman, non scientist and someone who for years was predominately primarily a wife and mother. The answer is no vested interest, an inquiring mind and an ability to see the wood from the trees. Thanks to the internet there is almost unlimited research material out there in plain sight, and an ability to connect with people who are wiser and more knowledgeable than I.

The most important lesson I have taken from my research is is the fundamental connectedness of all. Understanding this alone begins to make sense of the fundamental questions of who we are and what we are doing here. The search itself is  life enriching. The fellow travellers I have met are wonderful thoughtful people. The insights I have gleaned make my life more interesting.

Anyway, back to the jigsaw…anyone want to join me in putting in the next pieces?






The possible unreality of reality

holograph 2Last time, in my exploration of the study of aliens races in our reality, I explained the theory that some people believe that our reality is a virtual reality. This may be generated by ourselves at another level, or designed or hacked into by a controlling alien race.

James Wallis pointed out to me that some “heavy hitters” do believe this is to a possibility. He told me that:

“Elon Musk, a technology billionaire and the guy who owns Tesla and  believes that the chance we’re in ‘base reality’ is rather small; saying it’s almost fact we’re living in a computer program developed by future civilizations. His argument is that computer world simulation is currently developing so fast that soon the difference between simulation and reality will be indistinguishable and therefore there’s a good chance that future civilizations have already developed this technology and put us into their simulation.”

Thank you James..he also gave me this link which explains musk’s theory of a simulated reality. .

Aspects of reality

Could we really be just a computer simulation? Are we just holograms in a virtual reality reality?

Seven aspects of reality

Probably most people reading this blog, whatever their interests and disciplines, would agree on one thing. That is that that the mainstream version of the nature of the reality in which we live is not necessarily the whole story.


Individual realities

It has long been my contention that our personal realities are more individual than we are aware of. This might sound strange as we believe and seem to operate in the same world, with seemingly common core beliefs and memories.

To really understand this one we have to ask, what makes our personal reality?


Seventh Aspect of Reality-Help for Humanity

If you may remember, at the beginning of my blog I identified seven main aspects of reality. The seventh concerned the interesting concept that humanity does not seem to be alone in this reality of ours.  There are beings,  of several kinds,  seemingly helping us.


Sixth Aspect of reality- Human super skills.

Many people have extraordinary psychic and telepathic  abilities. Why should this be so? What could the mechanism? What does that say about the true nature our reality? Why can some people see the future?
Also, disciplines such as numerology, astrology and I Ching seem to act as sort of guidance  systems to help us through life. It is as if someone has put a satnav there for us.

The very existence of these skills and disciplines hints at a complex big picture of reality, even deliberate design. It certainly indicates that the reality we are aware of is not the whole story.