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Super Clues to Reality

Do you ever wonder what the truth is about our reality? Who really are we, who made us and what are we doing here? Who else is in our reality with us? what actually is the big picture of our existence?
My new book Super Clues to Reality looks to answer these questions and to share tantalizing clues to the even bigger picture of our reality. It is now available from Amazon  cannot be missed! Link below.


A signed copy can be obtained for the same price from me


“This book gives insights into worlds beyond our usual understanding. each chapter makes totally absorbing and fascinating reading.”

Richard Raymond, writer, healer councillor.


“An expert explorer and sharer of insights”

Elaine Harrison. author coach and PR


“From aliens to Earth energies, nature spirits to the human energy field, this is a very useful overview of our place amidst the many dimensions of a conscious universe.”

Peter Knight stone seeker tours and author.


“Great to find such diversity and interesting content in one well written book”

Josephine Sellers Author and Transpersonal councillor



My original book Aspects of Reality – a user’s guide to the universe also available from Amazon at £12.50 or direct from me at a bargain price of £8.50. It is also available in electronic form from Kindle store at £2.50

Aspects of reality a user’s guide to the universe

Or special offer..both for £15.00



New book news

Very excited..Super clues to reality is now having its final proof read before going out to review. then Go Go Go.
My editor Roma has been wonderful and the finished product should be really good. Cannot wait to share it with you all.

Please email to reserve a signed copy.


Book news

My new book, Super clues to reality, is now going to be edited, ready for publication. If you would like an advanced copy please register an interest on

Until it is ready there will be no more weekly updates on this site, but don’t forget there is a vast archive on reality subjects available with a click of the button. These range from Angels to Zero point field. Enjoy!

Editing the new book- Superclues to reality

At last the first draft of the new book SUPER CLUES TO REALITY is done.

Now the hard work starts, no doubt I will find gaps and omissions and, of course, new information is always coming into me. some times from unexpected sources.

These are my chapters so far:


Chapter 1-Super clues embedded in our physical reality.

Chapter 2-Super clues embedded in the nature of human consciousness.

Chapter 3- Super clues embedded in our spirit bodies.

Chapter 4- Super clues embedded in the energies of the Earth.

Chapter 5- Super clues embedded in big science and cosmology.

Chapter 6– Super clues embedded in ancient and modern wisdom.

Chapter 7- Super clues embedded in the other beings sharing our reality with us.

What will be my conclusion about the true nature of our reality- well you will have to wait and see!

If you would like to be notified when it is ready for publication  you can always leave your name and  E mail at and I will let you know when it is available.



Thought for the day

 I was asked to do a thought for the day sequence for a Facebook group ( Nothing fancy spiritual) and I thought I would share it here as it gets to the heart of what I am trying to achieve with my web blog.

Thought for the day,

In all my research for my books on the nature of reality, I started with two burning questions. Who are we, and what are we really doing here? Simple questions but actually almost unanswerable. (more…)

End of Thread- new beginnings


Just to remind you that this web blog has now a large archive  of posts and articles on many reality topics. These originally stemmed from my book, Aspects of reality- a user’s guide to the universe, but have expanded out as new insights and knowledge have come to my attention. These include;- angels, aliens, astrology, cosmology, consciousness, healing, science of reality, other dimensions, ghosts, good and evil, thoughts and ideas, mystery of life. time, predictions, holographic universe and, of course, Aspects of reality.  Please check out, comment and enjoy and let me know what you think.


About My Book – ‘Aspects Of Reality’

coverfront   A many of us may suspect, the evidence is that our reality is not what it seems to be. How can we tell what is really going on? Well, it has been suggested to me that our understanding of reality is like looking at the reflections from an old fashioned glitter ball that hangs from ballroom or disco ceilings. It is above our heads turning the whole time.  It is as it is, but all we can see are reflections or aspects from the many facets that make up the whole. Also what we see depends on where we are standing and what lights are shinning on what facet at the time.Like many people, I had noticed some of the reflections, some of the anomalies and clues that called into question  what we were taught at school or in society. (more…)