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Reality and healing – using reflexology

The conventional theories of reality that we have been taught by society and school are not the whole story. Alterantive healing systems are a big clue to this. Reflexology, for instance, is an alternative healing system that works by putting pressure on specific areas of the patient’s feet or hands. The origins of reflexology go back a very long way. It has been practiced historically within Egyptian and Chinese medicine for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. Native Americans also practice some form of it.

Reality and healing

Healing is an interesting subject that throws a different possible  light on the nature of our reality. If what we were taught at school and by society was the whole story of our reality, then non of the alternative healing systems would work.

What actually is it? Well, the complex human body can malfunction in so many ways. We can be attacked by virus or bacteria, we can have accidents and break or damage things. Organs can malfunction or get out of balance with each other or our cells can start growing wrongly giving us cancer. The body is so complex that it is a wonder that it works so well most of the time. (more…)